New system build won't boot up

Hello. I just built a home computer for the first time. Everything turns on just fine and the motherboard recognizes all the components. However, when it gets to the point where the operating system is about to load, the system restarts or turns off on its own. The only thing I can think of is that the memory is not compatible with the motherboard. I have:

Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 motherboard
Corsair CM2X1024-6400 memory sticks (2)

I'm pretty sure this is the problem, but I wanted to get some feedback before I go out and buy some different memory. And what memory would you all suggest?
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  1. The memory would downclock it self to be compatible, i doubt that is your issue, but go into bios and manually set the speed, voltage, and timings just to be sure. Do you have the boot order set right and do you have a bootable disk in the drive?

    Also please list your full system specs, it may be a difference component.
  2. I would manually set the RAM speed/timings/voltage to the recommended specs in the BIOS. Your RAM is designed to run at DDR2 800 with 5-5-5-18 timings at 1.9v. That's what you should set it at in the BIOS.

    You should also list your COMPLETE systems specs, including your power supply.
  3. sorry bout that. here's the system

    2 Corsair CM2X1024-6400
    Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 motherboard
    Intel Core2 Quad processor
    nVidia 9400GT 1GB video card
    1 HP DVD/CD burner
    540W power supply
    Windows Vista

    as i said, it works up until the operating system is about to start up, then it turns off on its own.

    Thanks for the fast replies.
  4. Which Core2Quad? number or clock speed. Which 540 watt PSU? Make atleast, preferably make and model, there is a lot of variation between power supplies of different manufacturers, raidmax's tend to explode at about 75-85% load, corsairs, seasonics, antecs, and PC P&Cs tend to be perfectly fine even over their rated limit. I cant find any 540 watt PSUs on newegg or tigerdirect so really need to know atleast the make.
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