Monitor problem be from motherboard?

My acer P191w monitor isnt working. I finally build my computer and I turned it on for the very first time, I got the monitor from my brother who never had any problems with the monitor before. Here is my build:
Thermaltake V9 case
Gigabyte 890gx mobo
Gskill 1600 cas 7 ripjaws ram
Antec truepower 750w PSU
ATI (xfx) 5850 (stock not overclocked)
Seagate barracuda hard drive
LG cd dvd writer

My monitor turns on fine, it says "ACER" then it says "no signal" about 4 seconds later. Both the mobo and monitor have a DVI cables/ports. My computer turns on fine, all the fans and PSU works too. I looked all over the internet and have tried the power cool down with the monitor (unplugging monitor and holding down the power button), I've tried unplugging and blowing in the cables and making sure theres not bend wires or anything and plugged them back in and still nothing. I have read online that the problems with my moniotr maybe be because on the motherboard. Any ideas as to whats wrong and how I canfix it would help greatly. Thanks.
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  1. Your system most likely doesn't work. Check the monitor on another system, but it probably is fine. It's time to start troubleshooting your new build.
  2. monitor works completely fine. I hooked it up to my roommates laptop and it works. What should I do now? How do I trouble shoot? what steps do I take?
  3. What resolution monitor?

    DVI cables come in two flavors - analog and digital. Could be the wrong DVI cable for the 5850 and the monitor. My 5850 is pretty fussy and prefers the DVI-d cable...
  4. I'm sorry my bad. Its a VGA cable. And Im not completely sure of the resolution, it might be 1920 x 1080. I'm not 100%
  5. Thanks, I really need to get a darn system speaker. That will help a lot.
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