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I have a 1 1/2 yr old HP Pavilion Elite M9340f Desktop computer. For a while now it's been crashing. It comes up to a blue screen with the F11, F10 setup, etc options. It stays there. Occasionally during this time I would also experience CPU Fan Failure error and it would immediately shut down. When I could finally get it back up, I finally just formatted the HD and reloaded windows. As soon as I did that, it didn't crash, and no CPU fan failure errors. (coincidence?) Anyway, That resolved things for a month. The next time this happened.. I reloaded windows, it resolved things for a week. NOW, all I get is CPU Fan failure error and it shuts down immediately. Let me just add, that ALL fans appear to be working properly. I even disconnected and reconnected plugins etc and also took a can of air and blew everything clean. I still get the CPU Fan failure error and it shuts down immediately. Also, I made sure the fan and heat sync were seated securely and properly. This is a store purchased computer from Best Buy, not home built (Which was probably my first mistake). I cannot get into the BIOS. It shuts down too fast and responds to none of the keyboard commands. Any ideas? or am I looking at a new MB? Thanks!
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  1. Try the "del" key to get into the bios. Any settings should be under "hardware monitor". You may also have a bad cpu fan port or the fan may be turning too slow. If you use hp windows software, you'll have to get another hp board for the microsoft to activate windows if you do a fresh install with a different board. And be sure the cpu fan is plugged into the right port. Only 1 of the fan ports is marked for the cpu.
  2. Thanks for your response. The Del key does not work. Already tried it. In fact no keyboard commands work. It shuts down too fast. The cpu fan is plugged into the right port. Another thought I had was HP gave me a replacement video card. The one that came with the machine was faulty. The card has a fan on it. Maybe the one they gave me was refurbished ? Could be a faulty fan on the video card? The error doesn't specify which cpu fan has failed. I might take a closer look at my video card.
  3. You may also have the default keyboard setting wrong (usb keyboard disabled, for example). May have to change keyboard types to get into the bios and change the setting.
  4. Replacement GPU could be overloading PSU, companie slike HP/Dell etc use the bare minimum wattage in their machines.

    If the heatsink/fan is of a standard designed, get yourself a in-expensive 3rd party, just check the cable connection to motherboard.

    F10 for bios.
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