HAF 932 water cooling

I'm planning to put water cooling on my system, but i don't know the right parts. For now i can spend around 300-400$. here are my specs:
Intel i5-2500k
ASRock P67 Pro3
Corsair Vengance 2X4GB DDR3 1600MHz
Seasonic X-660W
Seagate Baraccuda 1TB SATA III
Cooler Master HAF 932

For now, the only requirement is that i want my fluid to be red, and my gpu water block to be full cover.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
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  1. Silly question, but why the water cooling?
  2. Well, because it's something new to me and it's a lot more effective than air and more quiet and good looking ;)
  3. +1 on the quiet and good looking...and for trying something new +5...

    Ambivalent on "more effective" though, as that depends on a number of factors.
  4. And the factors are?
  5. Inhuman15 said:
    And the factors are?

    Primarily what you're doing with the PC - overclocking, hardcore number-crunching, serious gaming, etc. If you're running stock settings, you probably won't see much change in temps.

    Other factors - air temps around the PC, in case airflow, outside of case airflow, dust/dirt in environment, specific setup used, etc etc etc.
  6. Well, now i have CM Hyper 212+ but when i overclocked the cpu, the temps rised fast above 55 on 4.4GHz and then i reset the speeds to 3.3GHz, because i got a little scared. Also i'm using it for very serious gaming. I play BF3 and i'm looking forward to future games aswell. About the airflow, There is one 230mm in front of the case and on the side panel as an intake, and one 140mm on the back and one 230mm on the top as an exhaust. About the dust, I clean my PC once a month in the summer and once in the winter. And my main factor to change to water is the silence, performance and the awesome looks.
  7. Give the watercooling sticky a lot of reading- there is a lot fo information contained and linked in the thread. I have it listed in my signature below.
  8. Ok, I've made a decision. For now I'll get the XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 kit + a GPU block + red tubes + clear fluid. Can someone explain what's the differance between the RX360 and RS360 kit? And also which GPU block should i get?
  9. RS360 is a thinner radiator; RX360 is about 50% thicker.
  10. And the RX must be better?
  11. Yes, it is.
  12. Ok. Which GPU water block would you recomment for the 570 HD?
  13. Depends- is it a reference card? Take a look by the PCI-e connector- if there is a white nVidia logo, it should be reference. If not, it likely isn't.
  14. Well, i think it's not reference. The PCB is shorter like the one on 560.

  15. A quick google (570 hd non-reference waterblock) turned this up, I reckon they're in shops by now :)
    but try other results and read reviews on them obviously before parting with the folding stuff
  16. I've read a lot of forums and i found only this waterblock. Are there other blocks or should get this one?
  17. Nice spot, Moto.
  18. If thats the only non-ref you can find then I'd say its the only one at the moment, not to say other manufactureres aren't bringing them out though, its your call to be honest mate,
  19. Quote:
    Initial compatibility list:
    - http://www.coolingconfigurator.com/step1_complist?gpu_gpus=437
    - http://www.coolingconfigurator.com/step1_complist?gpu_gpus=450
    - EVGA GeForce GTX 570 DS HD, 1280MB (012-P3-1577-AR)
    - EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD, 2560MB (025-P3-1579-KR)
    - Inno3D GeForce GTX 570, 1280MB (N57V-2DDN-J5KS)
    - Point of View GeForce GTX 570, 2560MB (VGA-570-A2-2560)
    - Point of View GeForce GTX 570, 1280MB (VGA-570-A2)
    - Zotac GeForce GTX 570 AMP!, 1280MB (ZT-50204-10M)
    - Zotac GeForce GTX 570, 1280MB (ZT-50203-10M)
  20. My two choices are these two full cover blocks or an universal block. Are the universal blocks good?
  21. Uni's can be fine, you can also possibly carry them onto the next build but you will need to buy some ramsinks as well to put onto the vram chips
    whereas a F/c block obviously won't require that consideration but you can't usually use them on other cards (easily)
    basically its spend money on a dedicated item, knowing its 'dead' money once you get rid of those cards,
    or a flexible block that needs a little more work from you but will last a few upgrades,
    I haven't put my cards into my loop yet but I'd go universal I reckon
  22. I use 2 universal blocks; MCW60's. They are older, new versions are MCW80/82.
  23. So you say it's better to get uni's, because if get something like a gtx 6XX or 7XX in the future, i'll spend less money on an new blocks or even use this one, rather buying an expensive new fullcover? And are there big temp differences?
  24. Not big differences...typically minor. You'll maybe see 3-5C temp differences (at most), flow rates tend to be a little higher in full-cover blocks. However, when running universal blocks, you need to also make sure you cool the vRAM and other components on the GPU board. There is some good info posted in the watercooling sticky on this.

  25. Ok, now let's see if i got everythink right.
    XSPC RASA 750 RX360
    Swiftech MCW82

    Not sure about the heatsinks, the tubes and the fluid. Here are some links for the tubes and the fluid.
    http://iskampc.com/water-cooling/tubing.html - for the tubes (if they fit), if the original are not good enough
    http://iskampc.com/water-cooling/nnn-1.html - for the fluid, which one is better?

    By the way, thank you everyone for the help :)
  26. The original tubing is fine but if you want to replace it,
    make sure the inside diameter is 11mm, you will struggle to force 10mm on and 13mm would be loose, not good for leaks :P
    For fluid, just use plain distilled water and throw a silver killcoil into the res to stop algae growing
    don't bother with dyes to colour, buy coloured tubing if you want coloured tubes :)
  27. Happy new year!
    Is there any way that i could change the waterblock from the kit or i must order the parts seperatly?
  28. You cannot interchange components from the kit- you would need to build a custom loop in that case.

    The Rasa block is a good performing block- unless you don't like how it looks...?
  29. Well i think that the ray is something like a second gen block and it may perform a little better or?
    If i build a custom these are the parts that i've choosen:
    Radiator: Swiftech MCR320
    Pump + Reservoir: XSPC X2O 750 Pump + Reservoir
    Water block: XSPC RayStorm (Intel)
    Tubes: Masterkleer hose PVC 19/13mm (1/2"ID) UV-reactive blue
    Fittings: Not sure, i think 1/2"
    Fluid: Distilled water
    And some fans: i have spare ones and some from the local shop
  30. The Raystorm? Yes, it is a little better performing, but you'd likely never notice the difference.

    If you are going the route of custom loop, I'd highly recommend ditching the XSPC X20 pump and going with a DDC (MCP355/MCP35x/PMP-400) or D5 (MCP655/PMP-450) pump instead. Much better pumps for a little more cost, but without the integrated reservoir, so you'd need to consider that (or a top/res or bay/res) as well.
  31. Ok, i see. Could you recommend me parts for around 250$?
  32. So after a did a research I came to these decisions:
    1st: CPU+GPU loop- XSPC RASA 750 RX360 + Swiftech MCW82+ some heatsinks
    2nd: CPU only loop: XSPC Raystorm+EK-MultiOption RES X2 - 150/250+ Swiftech MCP355/655+ XSPC EX360
    3rd CPU+GPU: XSPC Raystorm+Swiftech MCW82+ Danger Den DD-CPX Pro+ EK-Reservoir Combo DCP 4.0+ Swiftech MCR320-QP

    Which one do you think is the best?
    And also, what do you think about Swiftech MCR320-QP RES?
  33. All of those are good options. I'm not a fan of the Jingway pumps used in by DangerDen, but it would be about on-par or better than the Rasa kit's X20 pump.

    As for the Swiftech MCR320's, I currently run 2 of them...they are great rads for the price/performance, but I'd buy bigger/better when it's time to do an upgrade.
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