A KingstonSSD On the go Review

Well if you’re not a fan of Kingston then you wouldn't know there SSD's travel all over the world.
You wouldn't know either about the extreme conditions they put their Solid State Drives (SSD)
thru and also you wouldn't know either about how fast they are.
Although given not everyone on the planet knows about computers or even a Solid State Drive (SSD)
for that matter but here's a little insight for.

You see recently some papers I have been waiting for came in.
Which allows me to get married outside the USA, so I started getting ready to fly to Norway.
So that my fiancée and me can get married, after three years of being together thru a long distance relationship.

But this also presented a slight problem because I do a lot of work on computers.
From being a mod in a minecraft server, too maintaining my website, and keeping up with all the latest tech news while I study for more certification exams.

Luckily I still had my old laptop and a Kingston V+ 128gb SSD.
So I installed the Kingston SSD into my laptop.
Installed Windows 7 onto it, Set up all my programs, and the games this laptop can handle onto it.
Then proceeded to dump the rest of the files I would need onto the laptop just in case I had to repair.
Someone’s laptop while I was in Norway, cause being a computer technician I tend to try and help my friends and family out when I can.

My first flight was from Orlando to Chicago, where I was stuck in the Airport for a good two hours
luckily I packed my laptop in my carry on bag so as to not get bored.
So I turn my laptop on and an older Chinese lady leans over and looks at me, and asks me

“how I did you’re your laptop so fast?”

I told her I installed a Solid State Drive (SSD) into the laptop, which gives it a amazing boost in speed, compared to a normal hard disk drive. She then asked me

“Do you think I should do that at my work place to our computers?”

After talking with her for a while I recommended she should use SSD’s for her companies servers out in Beijing where she does IT work.

After that I board my flight for Chicago upon getting there I get barraged by people running into me and.
Not just running into me by running into my carry on bag, with their suitcase’s briefcase’s, and any type of thief luggage or appendage.

I then get to the TSA scanners get my laptop scanned, as well as everything else.
I start walking out of it when someone runs right into me, CRASH!
There goes my laptop flying across the floor and down the escalator,
It would seem that in my rush to get out of the TSA scanners and to my flight.
I forgot to buckle my carry on bag shut.
Luckily I was able to get it back in one piece as well as make it to my next flight on time in fact I was about 40 minutes early.
So I found a small little coffee shop where I was able to sit down, and
take a look at the laptop to see if there was any damage, that and enjoy a nice
Mocha with whipped crème and cinnamon on top.

So I turn on the laptop and it all worked fine better even because the fall cleaned the dirt from the vent.
So it would seem the Laptop Grim reaper avoided me again,.
The only thing it had wrong with it was a few scratches and dings.
So I then proceed to check my e-mail, & Facebook
using the airports wifi, and someone's hotspot they haven't properly secured.

(1234 is not proper password person neither is using the word password!)

I then proceeded to shut down the laptop, and head to board my plane for Stockholm.
To put it simply this part of my journey can be best described my quoting family guy.
"He awoke several hours later in a daze."

Upon waking up and getting off the plane I then proceed to go get my passport stamped.
I check my papers to find out where I need to re-check in for my next flight but when I get there I can't check in.

Confused I ask for help because I'm running out of time, because my plane to Stockholm arrived late.
The man at the SAS help counter then shows me the small print right under SAS.
In tiny letters that I seemingly overlooked another airline I got to take.
So here I am freaking out because I don't know want to get stuck in a foreign airport,
because it's my first time flying, and flying out of country
He tells me to where I need to go which is all the way down at the other end of the airport.

So I here I am running thru the airport at which feels like is 20 MPH.
My carry on bag flinging its way to the front of me, and now proceeding to get hammered by my knee’s as I continue running thru the airport, I make it just in time as my flight starts boarding.
So here I am sitting aboard a tiny little airbus, the feel and look of the plane gets me humming the Indiana Jones theme.

I finally arrive in Bergen, Norway to be greeted by my love.
We finally get home and I proceed to check the laptop for any damage due to me ramming it non-stop.
Just to find a few dents here and there, as well as the bottom cover of the laptop not wanting to fit right anymore and. When I decided to boot it up, it still worked fine the only damage I managed to do was cosmetic, mind you if I used a regular laptop Hard Disk Drive (HDD) It probably would have died when it fell out of my bag, due to how bad the impact was and the constant abuse it ended up facing on my journey.

It was by God’s grace, and a good company who backs their products.
That I was still able to retain all of the data on my SSD, due to how well they are built.
Although we are talking about a company who finds enjoyment in seeing how badly they can abuse their products. So they know how they handle in real world testing, here is just a few samplings they have put there Solid State Drives thru, to show how good their products are for the consumer.

-Throw off building, then caught on fire.
-Liqued Nitrogen
-Buried in snow

Not only are they nearly indestructible, but they have amazing access speeds as well.
Even in older Laptops such as my own.
Not to mention the low power requirements helps the Laptop battery life as well.
Personally I recommend a SSD to anyone traveling or doing computers, and not just any Solid States.
But Kingston Solid State’s for the many reasons from them testing there drives integrity in various ways,
To how they have stood by their products sense their founding in 1987, and are still leading the way for new and more innovating products such as the Kingston Wi-Drive.

They are in my option one of the god fathers of computers.
When going to a technical school and studying computers, almost all the memory inside the desktops.
Was Kingston more over then anything else, and we are talking old Pentium systems, not Pentium 3, or 4, but Pentium. As well at my work place where I am a humble pizza guy I had to occasionally repair our old PC-MOS all the SIMM’s in the system was Kingston.
We are talking about a company who has been around for ages and who even today creates products to help the everyday consumer weather you know it or not. Their products can be commonly found in Medical Servers, to the simple Home server, and even the everyday user’s computer most likely has some of their Memory Modules installed whether it be DDR, DDR2, DDR3, SIMM’s, ect.
This isn’t a company out to make a quick profit by creating cheap Solid State’s, this is a company that cares about its consumer to make a good product that will last a long time and withstand the everyday conditions we put them thru.

Take a moment to consider a person flying overseas to Beijing to attend a very important business meeting.
This person is using a simple Hard Disk Drive (HDD), the person flies all the way from their home in the USA, they then proceed to get off the airplane and head to their business meeting where there might even be a chance to get that promotion they have been dying to get.
On their way up they trip, and fall, to the ground using their laptop to break their fall.
Hitting the floor fairly hard, they get up and proceed to the meeting where they then turn on their laptop, only to find there hard drive no longer works and has suffered serve damage.

True data recovery would most likely be able to retrieve their information but that would take time and money, and for an important business meeting such as this, that wouldn’t be an option.

That big promotion they were hoping of getting became a huge no.
Not only did they potentially cost the company millions of dollars by preventing anything from a possible merger, or improving their companies’ profit, they could have even potentially lost their job due to this incident.

So in conclusion if a Kingston Solid State Drive (SSD), saved me a lot of trouble when heading to Norway,.
Just think of what it could do for a user whether it is in gaming for the speed bonuses, the home office to improve performance or the business class to keep all those important documents nice and safe.

-Daniel Clatworty-

-Reference Material
Acer 5535 (My Laptop)
KingstonSSDNOW (Facebook)
Kingston Technology (Wikipidia)

-More references-
My windows review

HDTune -Speed Test 1-

HDtune -Speed Test 2-

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  1. Wow, so you just got a job for Kingston huh? Your written english is approaching alright.

    See when I travel I use this revolutionary device called a USB Flash Disk. It has all the same abilities of an SSD but can be bought for very little money and it even fits right in my pocket.

    I enjoyed your enthusiasm. I have in fact ordered a Kingston V+100 96gb SSD yesterday but only because it has hit that magic price of under £1 per GB (I waited 2 years for this)

    Anyway, congratulations!
  2. I actually live in the US, I'm just visiting Norway at the moment before I move here.

    I don't actually work for Kingston either, I'm just a fan of there's.
    Although If they offered me a Job I wouldn't say no.

    I also use a flash drive on the go, but some things are best actually
    being stored on a laptop, when traveling.
    Most notably the operating system, so I can freely access the files on the flash drive.

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