4870 vs GTS 250

Hey fellas!

Im thinkin of buying either 4870 or gts 250. which one to go for?

i have an hd 1080p monitor and play games at 1650 res!

also which brand to for in case i go for ati or nvidia? i have the following options"


Nvidia = XFX or Evga

Which after market brand and is better!

lastly my board is df33fb and have a corsair 450w psu with 33A at 12!

system specs

E6750 @ 2.66
Intel DG33FB Mobo
2G corsair DHX 800 (about to upgrade to 4g)
Corsair VX 450
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  1. 4870, but get the 1Gb version if you can.
    Check the cooler, the 4870 produces quite a lot of heat and many coolers dump in into the case instead of exhausting it outside; Fine if the case has plenty of airflow, a disaster if not.
    The best are XFX, EVGA and BFG, the rest are also rans for quality after sales service and length of warranty.
  2. This 4890 is about the same price as a 1GB 4870 if you plan to go that route. Definitely upgrade your RAM to 4GB, it provides at least a 10% performance increase by itself.
  3. The HD4870 is a much better card the GTS250 but as coozie7 said get a 1Gb model, as for what brand you should buy I would look at what's on offer by the respected board partners in terms of bundled software and what warranty the card has.
  4. Warranty support also depends on the country in which the hardware is purchased: XFX have a famous double lifetime warranty, but it only extends to the USA and Canada:(
  5. 4870 > GTS 250

    4870 1GB = GTX 260 Core 216 (Roughly speaking, varies by game).
  6. You may want to oc your cpu a bit. I have a E6400 overclocked to 2.56 (which means it is close in performance to yours) and it is a major bottleneck for my 4850. It is such a bottleneck that I didn't notice any difference in a few games when I bought it (I previously had an X1950 Pro). Actually, I saw a lot more difference when I overclocked, than with the new card.

    Just think about it.
  7. save money up and get a 5850. It uses less power than the 4870. You get wopping performance with it, the 5850 competes with the GTX 285, and only consumes 151 watts which is 1 more watt than the GTS 250. I currently have a GTS 250 and am concidering an ATI 5850 in the future. Try to save your money up if you can, you will not regret it. I'm just thinking how that card is a great deal for it's prce to performance and it's power consumption.
  8. all the guys my main concern is the PSU of 450watts and heating issue! so is 4870 or 5850 a good buy!

  9. buy the 5850. it actualy consumes less power than the 4870. it's like alien technology despite i havn't got it but, it only uses 1 more watt than the GTS 250 and that card has been recently renewed from the 9800GTX+ and it's performance is more than double. Save money up and go for the new dx 11 card. Try to save up if not then you can buy the 4870. But the 5850 to be honest seems very good for the price and architecturally superior to NVIDIA cards concidering power consumption and power efficiency.
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