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I'm about to buy a new computer in a month or 2-3, but I have upgraded to Windows 7 recently and my Creative Audigy SE in my current computer was just bugging software wise, so I took it out. Now I'm using onboard which is even worse quality wise.

Can anyone tell me if his/her Xonar soundcard is working correct under Windows 7 ?

Kind regards,
Patrick Bos
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  1. Also, since I can't edit my post, would you recommend the D2X XDT ?
  2. Yeah, that sounds like Creative's MO to me.
    Release crappy drivers (or no drivers) for their 'old' products so you are forced to by a new one.
    Perhaps you should search for the Daniel_K modded drivers, they are supposed to get everything working properly.

    Yes, the ASUS Xonar like works just fine under Windows 7.
    Unless you need DTS Encoding or S/PDIF input, you can save a bundle getting the Xonar DX.
    It will give you the same great sound but costs half as much.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I used Daniel_K's drivers but Windows 7 updated them automatically to new "crappy" ones. I am unable to revert back to the old ones for some reason and de- and reinstalling doesn't work.

    As for the ASUS Xonar; I was actually looking at the DTS encoding so I am sure my subwoofer works, as I have a receiver without build-in subwoofer amp. Would you have any idea if the Asus Xonar DX is able to send bass to the subwoofer, with additional boost? (Daniel_K's had +15DB which is why I was using those drivers anyway)

    Kind regards,
    Patrick Bos
  4. That is to bad about the drivers.

    No, I do not believe the Xonar series has a subwoofer only bass boost, although I can not be 100% sure as I have never used the S/PDIF output.
    It does have something that should work just about as good, though.
    You can use the Equalizer to boost the 30-120hz range then the LFE Crossover to filter the low frequencies from your smaller satellite speakers (you can chose which to filter the bass from and at what frequency to filter, 50-250hz).
    Perhaps not as simple but it should have a similar effect.

    Does your receiver decode standard Dolby Digital along with DTS?
    If so, the less expensive DX will still work fine as it has Dolby Digital Live Encoding.
    DD still has six channel output, 5 full range and one dedicated for the subwoofer, so you do not have to worry about loosing the bass.
  5. Just saw something else that may work for you.
    The new Xonar DS supports DTS Interactive Encoding (but not DDL) and is only $50 on Newegg.
    The analog output seems a bit crippled but as all you need is the S/PDIF output it should work great for you!
  6. Thanks for your other 2 replies, I checked the Xonar DS, it looks promising but it only has optical out through a bracket, and my optical input is already in use. As for the bass, I think I can manage that in my receiver with a special boost option (I believe it's called Loudness). I took a look at the Asus website and checked the cards out. I still think I'll go with the Xonar D2X, it might be a bit pricey but then I'll never have to upgrade again ;)
  7. At least not for quite a while.
    The Xonar D2X is a hell of a card :D
  8. ^^ Yeah, I was about to recommend the D2/D2X. Supports both DTS-C and DDL out of the box.
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