Thermalright True Spirit 120 - is it enough?

hello everybody.

I am about ready to start working on my first build. I have researched a lot over the last few weeks and I am about to pull to trigger on all the parts now.

One of the things I am still not sure about is my CPU cooler. I am looking at the True Spirit 120, which is roughly 20€ here and seems to be the best 120mm fan cooler available for that price.

I am not planning to do anything crazy but I want to try and get my i5 2500k running at 4.5 ghz.
I am also trying to keep the noise as low as possible.

will the True Spirit 120 be sufficient?

the True Spirit 140 goes for around 37+ € , same for the Scythe Mugen 3 which are two of the more expensive coolers I was looking at.

The case I will be using is very likely going to be either the Fractal Design Define R3 or CM Storm Trooper.
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  1. Yes the TS 120 is fine(one of the best) for that cpu and oc.
    Realize that the aftermarket coolers you've mention will not fit in a Phantom if you install the 200mm sidefan.
  2. I am actually not going with the Phantom anymore from the looks of it. Thanks for mentioning it, I already read about larger cpu coolers not fitting properly if you use the big sidefan, just didn't realize those were already too big :ange:
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