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Hello,I have search a driver for my touchpad but i can`t find it,I have a Packard Bell B.V. with windows 7.please help me.thank you for understanding.
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  1. Have you gone to the manufacturer's site and located your particular model? In most cases, the manufacturer will have a "download" tab with all available drivers and utilities.

    Most touchpads work without a specific driver. Is yours not working? Did it arrive that way, or have you made changes that caused it to stop working?
  2. The original windows was windows Vista and when I ve change it whit windows 7 it didn`t work,I ve talk with some people and they tell to find a driver for my keyboard or touchpad...but I can`t find it.
  3. Well, here's their support page in English for the UK:

    I don't see a model B.V., however. If you can find your model here, you will find drivers.

    I do not endorse the following site. In fact, I have _never_ used a driver-collecting site because I consider them to be at risk for viruses. If you are less paranoid than I am, you might look at something like .
  4. Search to google Packard bell B.V. and you will see,or easynote,on this site it`s like that:notebook,easynote,EN F.that`s it.thanx for helping me.
  5. How u can uodate youre it like HIM...;)...
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