Cant upgrade BIOS

where can i download an update for my BIOS?...i cant seem to find any support for my product.

my main goal for trying to upgrade/flash/update my BIOS is to hopefully be able to overclock my cpu from the BIOS. currently, my BIOS has no options for overclocking anything. it just gives system info and thats about it. btw this is for my laptop that was built by cyberpower. any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

CPU - intel mobile core 2 duo t9600 @ 2.8 ghz
RAM - 4 gig ddr3
HD - toshiba mk5055gsx


manufacturer - intel

model - montevina CRB

chipset - gm45/gm47


Phoenix SecureCore

version - 1.0A - 1646 - 0022
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    Look at your invoice model number and take it from there.

    In order to OC a desktop, large specialized cases and aftermarket cooler are laptops, there's no opportunity to change those. OC'ing laptops is therefore not recommended outside of very special circumstances (i.e. case, cooling and PSU designed for OC)
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