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So I'm new to overclocking and I just got some more RAM, pushing me up to 8GB now, 2x2GB are Corsair DDR3 Dominator and the other 4GB are Mushkin DDR3 Blackline. Anyway since from what I can tell now having done some research, the Mushkin are significantly different in the timings and freqencys to the Dominator stuff and I wanted to try and overclock/play with the timings to get the best out of them.

I have followed some guide for changing the timings however using CPU-Z I see a tab called SPD and I can't seem to find anything to explain what those timings are since they haven't changed regardless of the timing I changed on the Memory tab. So if anyone could give me some advice as too either what I should be doing or just plain link me to a guide which isn't too hard to comprehend I would be grateful. I would also like suggestions as to how far I can push this stuff. I shall link some screens of the current CPU-Z shown timings.

Please note the CAS# Latency was originally 8 Clocks and I changed it. Not sure if that was right or not but from what I saw on youtube that was the general way to improve it.
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  1. The SPD (Serial Presence Detect) chip is a bit of read only memory located on each stick containing operating parameters of the RAM. It is used to tell the BIOS how to automatically set the memory parameters during the boot process.

    Overclocking RAM in Intel systems adds little, if any, additional system performance.
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