How do i run an old raid drive in a newer computer

i just built a new pc for cad use and i have an old server raid drive that i need to get information off of. I really just need the cad saved files off the drive is there a way to connect the hard drive and pull to save to the hard drive on the computer i just built

thanks in advance

ps both have a sata connection on them.
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  1. 1, bootup your old server with all the RAID drive and copy the data over to your new computer.
    2, attach all the raid drive to your new computer and rebuild the raid with R-studio, then copy off the data to your new computer.
    Or, Send all the drives out to data recovery company, they can recover the data for you.
  2. I have a bit of a problem understanding the question. One drive cannot be in a RAID. A drive isn't RAID, it's either part of a RAID array with other drives or not.

    Is there exactly one drive, or several built into a RAID array? If the latter, what level of RAID and how many? If the former, why do you say that it is RAID?

    If the old machine is still running, option 1 above is indeed the simplest.
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