Failed Disk Partition

My previous setup before failed boot was
WDC-HDD C:\+D:\+E:\ Drives 48GB Each.
I had a remainder of 86GB left in the unallocated space which I tried to create into a new NTFS file Q:\
And it was a success i managed to convert that into Q:\ drive with 86.0 GB.. But the moment i switched on the computer again a constant flickering dash comes and nothing comes afer that.
This obviously is a sign of a failed boot and the motherboard is not recognising my HDD as a primary boot device which was then ultimately changed by me in the motherboard options but then also no USE. I tried with these option an example of that can be -
Please help me on this as this is totally frustrating and I have never experienced such kind of a pathetic error ever.
My rig (old)-
AMD X2 Oc'ed - 3.2 GhZ (4 LED Fans)
9500GT Oc'ed - 650/1000/1700 (~Air)
2GB DDR2 + 1GB DDR2 (1066)
450w PSU

Please help!! :( I dont want to format it all over again altough I know that would definately solve the problem but is there any way I can do it without it?
My motherboard is M2N68AM-SE2
Please reply asap! :(
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  1. Sorry if some people find my english filled with gramatical error's as I was really tensed and frustrated despite my repeated efforts to get my windows back to life =(
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