Upgrade processor of Inspiron 6000 (laptop)

So I got a
Pentium M 730 SL86G (C0) 1600 MHz 2 MB 533 MT/s 12x 0.988/1.356 V 10.8-27 W
Off of ebay, shipped for $7. I picked this up because this laptop has the
Celeron M 350 1300 MHz 1024 KiB 400 MT/s 13x 1.26 V 21 W
in it. That's the lowest processor it shipped with. I have done my homework and already know this new chip fits and is compatible with the MoBo.
My question is this, after Install, what do I need to do with the BIOS. I already have it upgraded to the most recent Dell Bios (A09, 9/28/2005). I have read that if I hit alt-f while in the bios setup, it will reset all of the settings, is that all I need to do or do I need to "flash the bios"? I Don't really know what that means. So do I need to reinstall the bios when I upgrade the cpu (with a cd), or should it just boot up and I can enter setup and be able to reset the settings?

I appreciate your help. All I need is this info and some thermal paste, and I'll be good to go.
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    You shouldn't need to flash the BIOS if indeed this upgrade is possible. You can go to the bios and choose Reset Default Settings, instead of the alt+f unless you know what that does specifically.

    You may need to change the FSB from 100(400) to 133(533).
  2. Finished the install, no problem. before I even entered the bios the motherboard knew it had a pentium M in it and displayed it. I went in the BIOS and it was already all updated and ready to go, nothing to do in there. For laptops that are 3-4 years old and still working great, if you have a low processor, you may look in seeing what is the best chip it can handle and throw that in. The improvements have been marginal, but it was only 7 dollars plus some thermal grease.
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