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Hello all,
I was looking for some expertise with some OCing. I am relatively new to OCing right now. I am trying to push my 965 to 4.0. Here's where I stand right now:

Cooler Master EVO 212 temps idle right now @ 35 full load around 50
Bus speed = 200.9
Multiplier = 20.0
HT Link 2009.0
NB Frequency 2410-11(it changes)
NB Multi 12.0

RAM is rated for and running at 1066 5-5-5-15 but before my OC it was running 800 5-5-5-15. The tRC is @ 32 clocks but on the SPD tab in CPU-Z the EPP#1 setting (1066 5-5-5-15) has the tRC @ 48. Should I set this to 48 manually because now everything is currently set to auto aside for the speed(1066). I have yet to modify voltages as I'm not too familiar with them. Clock speeds and multipliers I have a fair amount of knowledge on though.

Here is the issue. First I had just modified the multi on CPU to 20. I blue screened ONCE after playing Skyrim for a few hours. I figured the BS was due to something with the FSB or RAM. So I then upped the multi on the NB because I read that article saying CPU's @ 4.0 should have the NB around 2400. Then I raised the RAM from 800 to 1066. When I run Prime95's blend test I freeze up after a min or two. Wondering what the settings should be on the NB and RAM to maintain a stable OC @ 4.0. Also, if I HAVE to change my voltages what would be safe. I don't want to fry my CPU... If there are people out there with much OC exp I would love to learn!!

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  1. Just set the RAM speed back to auto and its still 1066 5-5-5-15. I think it is because I raised the NB from 2000 to 2400.
  2. You've a BE CPU, you only raise the multiplier and voltage to achieve the desired clocks, no need to OC the HT & the NB.

    As long as the FSB is at the default 200, RAM should be fine & running @ it's default settings.
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    When you try to overclock everything you run into trouble because if you blue screen you are left guessing what caused it. Your ram has nice low timings and you could actually leave it alone because if you raise the fsb you will also raise the speed of the ram by default. You really need to let us know what your motherboard is (brand & model).
    I had a 965 until I put it in my son's computer and I got a 980x. I have the 980 overclocked to 4200 and with just the multiplier and a little voltage. Unless you want to overclock to the max a reasonable stable overclock of the cpu is all you need , you really don't get much benefit out of going further and you could shorten the life of the cpu. I will say that overclocking does make a difference in performance but it gets harder the higher you go and if you can get to 4.0 and be stable that sounds good to me. The best way to overclock the cpu is to start at stock and increase the multiplier , and each time you do go into widows and verify it's stable , then raise the multiplier again and verify and repeat that until it's not stable and then add a small increment of vlotage untill it is stable , then continue again with the multiplier and repeat the whole process untill you reach your target number. If you can't get to you target then you can raise the fsb a bit.
    The whole process is very tedious and time consuming but it has to be that way if you want a compltely stable OS. You just can't put in numbers because someone said they had this number or that voltage , each computer is different and each person makes different settings so your overclock is going to be different form mine and mine from yours. You just have to find where your computer is stable and be happy with that.
  4. I reverted the NB back to stock, the RAM was being pushed to 1066 so I set that back to 800. Prime95 doesn't crash! Why would I have blue screened?! I want to leave Prime95 running but will it harm my computer if I leave it and an error, freeze up, or blue screen occurs?!
    Right now the only think that is changed is the multi for CPU set to 20. But why does this article mention the need to change the NB on the BE's?
    I think the problem I was encountering was solely on the RAM being pushed to 1066. Even though it should be able to handle it, it can't.
  5. Well, 4.0 was my target and I went to 3.6, 3.8, then 4.0. It's very stable at 4.0, but I have the RAM at 800. Maybe I can lower the timings on the RAM to 4 since the RAM cant handle 1066. I just bought the RAM because it was rated for that. My motherboard is an ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe. It supports RAM speeds of 1066.
  6. don't too low your timming. that can caused error 0x00000050B or BSOD or can't boot, find at lossen like at 1333 (9-9-9-24) first . and little add voltage ram to 1.6-1.62v
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