Stability Issues Please Help me

ok, so i just built a new computer on friday, i think the memory settings r what is my problem here is my build

i am new to bios , but have successfully over clocked to 4.0 with my new core i7 930 already and ran 3d mark vantage... how stable was it i dont know right now im at default and my pc keeps on locking up when i leave my pc idle for long periods of time

Core i7 930 @ 2.8...
P6X58D Asus mobo...
WD HDD sata 6gb/s (sata III) 1 TB... definately connected to sata III port with a confirmed sata III cable
6 GB DDR3 Kingston 2000mhz (XMP)... i think this might be my issue and im not sure how to fix it
my board has a memok! button if anyone is familiair with this

2 x 9800 gtx+ graphics cards in the right slots for x16 x16 in sLi mode
850 watt corsair non mod psu
zalman cpu cooler 9900 i think it is

so ya im guessing the memory settings are wrong... my user manual says something about auto adjusting my memory by holding down the memok! button and letting it configure... but i have no idea like i said im new to this and i want stability

2 different kinds of stability... stock and overclocked

any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. basically i am thinking that there are 3 things that might be the problem...

    memok! might need to be used if that is recommended?

    xmp on or off?

    or should i manually tweak the settings... if only i knew how
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