P7P55D-E Evo, additional I/O panel

Hi everyone,

Quick confirmation question. Can anyone who has the P7P55D-E Evo motherboard confirm that the additional I/O port is, 2 x USB and 1 x SATA. My guidebook says 1394 connection, although it looks like USB and I can connect USB cables into it. I am scared to connect because of the 1394/ USB "burning/ damaging components" issue!!

There is a (not very clear) picture of the additional I/O panel top right

Thanks again!
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    Looks like usb, usb, sata to me. Also perhaps google image a firewire port along side a usb port and compare the two, from what i can tell, it looks like usb, firewire its kinda like a pentagon, kinda like below, except with a extra line is firewire :)
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