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Think my hard drive is dead, any suggestions?

I had a 1.5tb wd caviar green in my pc but got some new hard drives so put the 1.5tb in an external enclosure and used it to store all my stuff.
It started acting funny after a couple of weeks, like freezing when trying to play a movie and or even when just browsing through it. Now it doesn't even show up in my computer any more.
Tried putting it in my pc to see if it was a problem with the external enclosure but no luck, think the hard drive is dead.

So any ideas or is there any way of getting my data of it because I didn't have it backed up :(
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    Does it spin up? You may need to replace the PCB, but most newer drives require that you swap the firmware chip as well. You will need a good PCB from hte identical model drive. Move the firmware chip fromt he pld PCB to the ne one and re-attach it to the drive. This is going to require some soldering skill to attempt, but if the drive still spins its most likely the PCB and can POTENTIALLY with great care, be recovered.
  2. Didn't think it still spun up because its as quiet as a mouse but can feel it vibrating slightly when I turn it on so maybe it does.
    Have no experience at all at soldering but I suppose there's a first time for everything, I'll look into it. It'll be worth it if I can get my hard drive working again
  4. If the data on the drive is not important to you then simply return the drive under warranty for a new one.
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