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I'm looking for the best cooler for the 2500k cpu.
I'm planing on moderate oc 4.3-4.7 Ghz.
Case is fractal design arc midi (allow cooler up to 180 mm in height .. but I might get side fan for the case wich will reduce it to ~ 150 - 155 if it ever interfere)
I was thinking hyper 212+ , Hyper EVO, Xigmatek Gaia, Corsair A70, Hyper 612 PWm or something from Thermalright but those hard to find - anyways on that budget ... no more then $55
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  1. I've never found a side fan more effective for cooling at the expense of a good air-cooler.
    Side fan 1-2C decrease max.
    Cpu cooler 10C+.
    Quite the compromise.
  2. On a budget (or even in general :) ) I like the Hyper 212 Evo. The improved heat pipe contact over the 212+ has gotta help getting a successful mount. You want to check the dimensions of your case if your mounting side panel fans. I know from experience that it will block off the top fan spot on the side panel of many cases.
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