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I have a Sony Vaio VGC-RA810G, I want to upgrade my graphics card but I dont know what I should get.
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  1. What do you do with the system? What resolution monitor do you have? How powerful is its power supply? Whats your budget range? We need more information than you have provided.
  2. Its mainly the family computer but I play Sims 3 on it.. I dont know the resolution or power supply.. how would I find that out?
    those appear to be the specs on it. It appears to be full width, but since the available power is unknown(you can check a label on the side of the PSU inside of the case) I would suggest a 4650, nice and low power which still reasonably powerful

    should be a vast improvement over the X600 that you currently have.
  4. Thanks sooo much! Yeah I didnt want anything too powerful but a definite jump from my current one.. but thanks again I really appreciate it!
  5. OKay so that won't work my power supply is only 364.7w is there anyway to upgrade that or just try to find a graphics card that can handle that?
  6. It will work fine with your PSU, it draws only 59 watts, they always request more power than necessary to try to discourage people from running them on super crappy ones, the worst 400 watt PSU can safely run that card, and any halfway decent 250 shouldnt have any problem, your PSU has plenty of power.
  7. okay thx wasnt sure since i just found it.. thank you again!
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