Help, cheap buget sli physx solution

am stuck in a bit of a dilemma early this year spent bout £300 on upgrades antec 300 case, earthwatts 500w psu, 4gb ddr2 6400 800mhz ram and a fancy gtx 260 golden sample and took the rest of components out of the stupid vostro 200 slim tower damm them half heights/low profiles.

So i have the old slim case, 2gb 677mhz ram, 250w psu, and the low profile x1300 remaining and plan on buying a few components and will put the stupid dell designed mobo that does not allow for quad core due to the bios and something to do with power phase back in the case and give it to my lovely mummy for xmas :love:

that leaves me without a mobo al keep the E6750 and buy her a lower spec cpu, but i like physx currently i have only the one game mirrors edge that struggles with eye candy at max gaming at 1680 x 1050 res the frame rate is terrible on the gtx 260, non physix games my card is beautiful

the problem is i have my eye on a nforce 680i LT SLI mobo and a GREEN/eco/low power 9800gt firstly:

will the earthwatts 500w be enough to power my gtx 260 with a 9800gt not sure 512mb or 1gb green version (no additional power required) as a dedicated physx processor? with

1 hdd (another internal hdd in the future)
1 dvd drive
4gb ram

is the 9800 gt green a good choice for the physx?

or would you recommend different components?

ps just want a cheap solution to get them frames up on them physx games that take my fancy over the next year or so, hopefully them socket 775 quads will be cheaper few months down the line, or until i can afford the i5 i7 ddr3 dx 11 card
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  1. 500 watts would be really cutting it close, so you might want to upgrade that, maybe. I would either do what you plan on doing, or just sell the 260 and get this:

    EVGA 017-P3-1175-AR GeForce GTX 275 1792MB 448-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 SLI Support Video Card - Retail


    GIGABYTE GV-N275SO-18I GeForce GTX 275 1792MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail

    they both have physx, would probably save energy, and give better perfromance.
  2. not only are they better, they also slightly outperform the 285 for 100 dollars less, so that would really kill anything, especially with physx.
  3. Umm, what?

    Personally, I would try and skimp a bit more on the PhysX card if its something you really want. A 9600 or 9500 series card should keep up quite nicely since all it has to do is PhysX. A GTX275 would run a bit faster than your GTX260, but not enuf to justify the price. Also, its doubtful you would get better PhysX performance as you would still be on a single card. A shortcomming of the design behind the GTX2xx series doesnt allow for rapid switching between rendering and CUDA (PhysX) work, therefore a single card will always suffer when trying to do both.
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