How much watt or what PSU should I get?

I'm looking at building a system.. i5 CPU, 4GB 1333 RAM, two 7200 RPM HDDs (one for OS and programs, onefor data storage), and right now an 8800 GT video card. I will upgrade my video card in the future, but I will never do SLI. I may upgrade to 8gigs of RAM by adding 2 more GB sticks later. I will not overclock anything.

Anyone know what sort of wattage I should look for in a PSU? Would 500W be more than enough? Anyone have a recommended PSU?

I want to be safe/solid, but I also don't need to pay for extravagance in a PSU. About the only thing I care about is that it isn't extremely loud.
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  1. a quality(antec,corsair,ocz,pc power&cooling,seasonic,enermax) 500 watt will do fine
  2. That's kind of what I was leaning towards... anyone have anything to say about the Antec earthwatts EA500 500W (at Newegg for $69.99) vs the CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W (at Newegg for $99.99, $89.99 after mail-in rebate)?
  3. comparing those 2 is kinda unfair the ea 500 is more campareble to the corsair 450 vx but corsair and antec are both good psu's but i'd say take whats in your budget range
  4. Interesting, the 450 vx is down into the same price range as the earth watts, and even better after the rebate... however it is 50W less and has only one +12v rail compared to the two on the earthwatts. I'm just noting the difference, I honestly don't know if it matters for my system. Perhaps a 450 vx will be great for my build?
  5. a single 12v rail is a better design actually,the 8800 gt was a lil power hungry for it size i think but i'd say this is a sweet deal
  6. That does look like a good deal, I love modular cords. About the only thing that scares me is the ATX cable lengths being about 16 inches... the ones on the Corsair are around 22 inches. Since I'm getting a bottom mount PSU case (Antec Performance 183), that may be an issue...

    Thanks for all your thoughts obsidian, you've helped a lot.
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