Computer 2000$

So, I'm buying new gaming computer for Windows gaming.
I would like to have your opinions about this build:

Processor: Core i7 920 2.66GHz LGA1366 BOXED 385$

Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 275 Golden Sample 896MB GDDR3, HDMI/DVI, HDCP + Free Batman 290$

Motherboard: P6T, X58, LGA1366, DDR3, SLI / Crossfire, ATX 330$

RAM-memory: 6GB Kit (3x2GB) Dominator, TR3X6G1600C8D, DDR3 1600MHz (PC3-12800) 245$

Hard Drive: 1TB Spinpoint F1, 3.5", SATAII/300, 32MB, 7200RPM 100$

Power Suply: 750W "Super Series" ATX-power suply/Cable management 145$

CD-Drive:DVD+/-RW DL 20x, LightScribe, IDE, Musta Retail 44$

Operating System: Windows 7 (release at October 22) at worse~ 290$

Computer Case: ? ? ? (Some case with price 150-220$) ? ? ?

Do you have better alternatives to my choises? Do I need custom coolers?
What do you think about this build? Tell your opinion!

I use computer mainly to gaming (1240x1048 resolution)

But at most I want to know what would be best GPU or maybe 2x cheap GPUs and what computer case do you recommend. And is 1600 Mhz RAM useless and would some 1300 or 1060 Mhz RAM work as well?
Or is other manufacturer's RAM better?

I live in Finland so computer parts can have different (usually little bit higher) prices than you.
I will buy computer from one Finnish Internet computer store: Jimm's PC-Store (Site's language is Finnish)
Sorry for bad English and thanks for all answers!
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  1. case haf 932
  2. I must seriously think that case and read some reviews.
  3. and a better power supply super series sounds generic get a 750 watt corsair,antec,pc power&cooling,enermax,seasonic
  4. Add another one of those gtx 275's for SLI. :) 112.00 €
    HAF 922 121.00 €
    Corsair 750TX ATX2.2 175.00 €
    P7P55D Pro, LGA1156, P55, DDR3, Crossfire X & SLI, ATX 179.00 €
    Core i5 750, 2.66GHz, LGA1156, 8MB, Boxed 34.00 €
    Hyper 212 Plus 99.00 €
    4GB Dual Kit Ripjaws DDR3-1600 F3-12800CL7D-4GBRH 7-7-7-24 215.00 €
    GTX 275 XXX 896MB PCI-E, 2 x DVI-I + Free Batman 23.00 €
    DVD+/-RW DL 22x, SATA, Musta Bulk 92.00 €
    1TB Caviar Black, SATAII, 7200rpm, 32MB 172.00 €
    Windows 7 Home Premium FI DVD, Retail

    Total: 1,222.00 € 234.00 €
    23" SyncMaster P2370 Wide, Full HD, DVI-I, 50000:1
  5. Very nice, thanks!
    I don't add 2nd 275 yet because I guess that I dont need it.
    If I buy it later I will get it cheaper also.
    I like to have i7 for better performance and 6 gt Ram for tri-channel thing or something but I don't know all the specs so I really must think and find information and discuss this computer.
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