EVGA x58 mobo and HD 5870 low-fps issues

Just build a brand new system, here are the specs:

Core i7 920


CORSAIR XMS3 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 -

EVGA x58 SLI LE Intel Motherboard -


All thrown in the Antec P183 case, which is great.

Anyways, here is my issue; I put the rig together and everything is working perfectly. But, when I loaded up any game, it seemed to run worse or about the same as it did on my old rig (e8400, 8800gt, 4GB ddr2), which wasn't right. I figured it might be driver issues or something (gotta love brand new hardware). So, I search around and found some beta catalyst drivers, and installed 'em. Well, that didn't change anything, so, I figured I'd try to put the card in a difference PCI-E slot.

So, I take it out of the x16 slot and throw it in the x8 slot, and BAM, everything is working PERFECTLY. I'm getting 30~ fps in Crysis Warhead on full max settings, 150+ fps in Source games on max, etc. I didn't know what happened, nor did I care. So, I powered the pc off again (it wasn't fully put together, still needed to do some cable management and stuff). When I finally got it back on, the problem reappeared.

I re-traced my steps but it still hasn't fixed the issue. I'm thinking it's having compatibility issues with my mobo, since it's designed for NVIDIA cards (only SLI, no Crossfire) but, then again, why would it work normally all of a sudden like that? At this point I'm stumped. Hopefully you guys could maybe provide some insight or some reassurance that the problem is just with drivers. If that's the case, I don't mind waiting for new ones to release (although ATI better step up their game from previous generations, IMO).

Thanks for any and all the help!
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  1. X58 boards are all default crossfire as well, if I'm not mistaken, so I doubt that's the problem.
  2. A little update:

    I kind of gave up trying to fix the issue right now, since I figured it's driver issues. But, I was just playing Left4Dead a few minutes ago and it was running at around 70-80 FPS, which is low compared to what it should be running at (150~). I was in the middle of the game when it froze up for a few seconds, and when it came back, the game was running at like 150 FPS, like the GPU was fixed. It froze for a few seconds again, and went back to the normal 70~ FPS. This is bugging the hell out of me.

    Another thing to note: In any Steam game, on the in-game overlay, when the GPU is having issues, the text is really blurry compared to how it should be. The pic quality kind of downplays the differences, but you can obviously tell that there is a difference. Here is a pic to compare. The Friend's list on the right is in-game, the one on the left is outside of the game (ignore the FPS, it drops when you're alt-tabbed).

    When the game froze and it was working correctly, the in-game overlay looked exactly like the left friends list, like it should.

    I've never had a problem like this before. I'm hoping it's just drivers, since the GPU obviously works (albeit, occasionally).

  3. check that your cpu hsf is mounted properly

    also did you do a fresh install of windows?

    im starting to notice a few people say there getting lower performance then expected with 5870's - dunno what to make of it yet

    also perhaps try drivercleaner and wipe out the drivers and install the latest from ATi/AMD's website
  4. HSF is mounted properly, and yes, it's a fresh install of Windows 7 64-bit. I've got the latest drivers from ATI/AMDs site.
  5. apache_lives said:
    im starting to notice a few people say there getting lower performance then expected with 5870's - dunno what to make of it yet

    Ditto, at the moment I'm going to put it down to immature drivers whilst I sit back and watch proceedings.
  6. if the hardware is all good, i think the problem might be caused by the drivers (graphic). HD5870 have new tech so you can't expect the performance boost right away for all games. at this point you can only wait until more stable drivers is released by amd :)
  7. Let's bump this, see if anybody else is having issues with this specific setup =/
  8. I'm getting slightly worse performance than i expected, not as drastic as yours, but i'm still not running great, im looking at about 2/3rds the power it should be.

    I'm running a sapphire hd5870 (obviously)
    phenom II 940
    4GB ddr2 800Mhz (tried 1066MHz config, didn't do anything)
    asus m3a76-cm
  9. I have an i7 and a 5850 on a DX58SO and on the css perf test I got 289fps...
  10. I'm having a similar issue.
    Just built my PC the other day and i've been playing some CoD4. I have max FPS set at 125, for the most part my FPS is a rock solid 125 but every few minutes, it's pretty darn random, my fps will down to a random number between about 60-81. It's an immediate drop and then shoots right back up to 125. It all happens within like a second. Problem is that when it drops my game kinda stutters, almost like a real quick hang and then comes back fine. Tried plugging in my old 8800GT but my FPS is much lower obviously but it's hard to tell, FPS is stable with it but it's in like the 50's. I'm assuming it's a driver issue but this crap is bugging the hell out of me. When it comes to my toys I go nuts until problems are fixed. Tried to ignore it but I just can't.

    GIGABYTE GV-R587D5-1GD-B Radeon HD 5870 (Cypress XT) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported

    ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Intel Core i7-920 Bloomfield 2.66GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor

    CORSAIR XMS3 12GB (6 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory

    OCZ StealthXStream OCZ600SXS 600W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply

    Running Win7 64-bit.
  11. Not sure about the stuttering, but I had the exact same problem as the OP and fixed it with the following steps:

    1. Did a clean install of windows 7
    2. Installed drivers that came w/ my card
    3. Rebooted into bios menu and restored all defaults
    4. Rebooted again and updated bios with latest update from evga site
    5. Rebooted into bios once again and restored defaults again
    6. Booted into window 7, and my FPS went back to normal

    also since then I have OC'd my cpu, and the graphics card is still running optimally.
  12. Hi ppl.
    I almost have the same setup as brocsta. But my motherboard is Gigabyte EX-58-UD5.
    And my fps is low too. Especially in css when I see a smoke / flash....
    Does sombody now what i can do :P
  13. Crossfire 5870's on a 4.2ghz I7 gives me the same fps dips into the 40's in source games..
  14. I have the same problem with my video card, Sapphire Radeon 5870 but I have a lower system then yours. I just have an e6420 and a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DQ4 with Mushkin 2GB @1066 and i thought that it was a problem with my sytem but now I can see that most of you with Core i7 and X58 chipset have the same problem. I reported my problem at support and they wrote me that I have only PCI Express v1 and that should be the problem. I almost belive them, but you with powerfull system, why the same problem? Hope is only driver problem, not hardware. I was thinking at the same configuration as you all but now I changed my mind. I will not make another investment into hardware, maybe to sell my radeon 5870 and buy a Fermi, might be!

    Wainting for solving the problem with updating their drivers, and hope it will work.
  15. I forgot to mention that it drops FPS from 250 to 80 in COD4! Other games didn't try it yet.
  16. Are you turning on V-sync in your games?
    You are using 10.2 drivers right?
  17. vsync is OFF. and the drivers are 10.2 from not from sapph
  18. it's crazy!!!!!! I get 25-30FPS on the Bog map. how is that possible?! if i play on Promod, I get a better FPS but ... i really regret that i buyed 5870, i shouldn't doone this. i played better on 8800gt!!!! ati sucks!!
  19. Having same problem for, this game only uses one core, but was running a q9400/gtx280 and was fine. New rig is i7930/hd5870 and get occasional stutters with a decrease in performance buy ~10%, which in this game is noticable. If we are all having same issues=driver problem (which will be fixed, like someone said earlier "this is a new gpu, so will be buggy for a bit". If you benchmark it in 3dmark, it kicks arse! So gotta be drivers. Hang tight they'll fix it.
  20. Any updates on this? I've had the same, if not worse problem. Just Cause 2 benches at 30FPS on my high end system. My 3DMark II benches are poor. See my thread here:
  21. I wouldn't over clock the card IMHO. The problem must be with the drivers for the ATI/AMD video cards. I against my better judgement because of the ddr5 memory, gpu speed and price went with a ATI Diamond HD-5770 card. I am disapointed I can not run the detail up more than I am able with this card. And it seems that games get unstable when over clocking the card using the catalyst software. As soon as I stop over clocking the card it seems to be ok. Try that and see if it works? The ATI drivers as far back as I can remember seem to be crappy. I figured they would have fixed that by now but I guess not. They used to have a third party company that did the drivers for there video cards years and years ago. But I guess they are into making crappy drivers themselves.

    Here is my pc config and I still have issues with some games when over clocking is involved!
    MSI NF750-G55 Motherboard
    Gskill 4GB of DDR3
    AMD Phenom 2 X2 550 3.1GHz Dual Core CPU
    Diamond HD-5770 Video Card with 1GB of DDR5
    Samsung 23" LCD Flat Panel

    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

    Now it runs good and alot better than my old pc that was a AMD 2GHz single core with 1GB of memory and the video card only had 256mb of memory. The former PC would not play GTA 4 at all. This machine can play with the resolution cranked up but if I run up the draw distance it runs out of memory even though it has 1gb of memory. Kinda sad that a $250 card with 1gb of ddr5 falls short IMHO!!!! I am going to replace the video card with dual EVGA Nvidia GTX480 with 1.5gb of ddr5, 3gb total memory and 4GB more ddr3 memory.
  22. I wouldn't rely on the drivers that came on the cd with your card, not even if it was Nvidia. I would download the newest drivers from ether the card manufacturer or from AMD!
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