Half life 2 high res 1920x1080

can i download a mod or something that will allow me to play half life 2 at 1920x1080 resolution, otherwise im stuck at 1280x1024
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  1. that's probably cuz your monitor doesn't support higher than 1280x1024 resolutions..
  2. no my desktop resolution is at 1920x1080 as is all my other games as well as day of defeat source
  3. In the menu did you change the aspect ratio to 16:9? That will likely solve your problem. Without that, the highest resolution is 1280x1024. Give it a try. I just played through HL2, EP1, and EP2 in the past few weeks. Great to play through them all. HL1, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force are next.
  4. ^lol exactly what i was thinking.

    just set your aspect ratio to 16:9 and youll have your pretty 1920x1080
  5. if that doesnt work, you can FORCE your game to start up in a certain resolution to do so, do the following:

    Start up steam
    click my games
    find counter strike source
    right click on counter strike source
    go to properties
    under the general tab click on set launch options

    type in

    -w 1920 -h 1080

    hit okay

    This should make your game load into the resolution automatically everytime.

    PS: if your computer lags a little with this resolution also add

    -dxlevel 85
    this will make your game run smoother : )

    hope this helped
  6. Half Life 2 allows you by default to select 1920 x 1080. I know 'cause that's what I did.

    1. Maybe your video driver is corrupted.
    2. Maybe the game didn't install itself properly.
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