WD2001FASS vs WD2002FAEX


Im currently in the process of putting together my first home built PC and had a question regarding the difference between these 2 drives. as far as I can see, the specs on the 2 are practically identical except the FAEX is a SATA6 whereas the FASS is a SATA3. However, despite the fact that the FAEX has the potentially faster connection (I know most HDs cant even keep up with SATA3), its priced about $40 LESS than the FASS

the FASS

the FAEX

is this price difference simply due to the market's supply and demand between the 2 drives or is there a significant performance difference between the 2?

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  1. I don't know if there's a performance difference, but you can get either - they are both high performance drives. Caviar Black is WD's performance hard drive line (just as Green is their low-power / eco-friendly line).

    I think the FAEX is newer technology, and cheaper because of it. I think it might have fewer platters (and is therefore cheaper to manufacture).
  2. Is there any comparison about the noise of these two HDs?

    The latter FAEX is known to be noisy.
  3. I can't see any difference in the specs apart from the 6Gbps vs 3Gbps SATA interface speed.

    WD Caviar Black Series Disti Spec Sheet:

    You may like to see what benchmarks results are being reported by other users:
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