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wasnt sure where to post this. but when ever i turn on my computer the fans kick and it seems like its going to start, they stop running then a red light flashes, it waits a couple of seconds they turn back on and its starts like normal. what does this mean?
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  1. reset cler CMOS / unplug poer AC from PSU and remove battery in motherboard and wait 15minutes, put it back, try turn on your PC . if next time you get same problem it's mean your mobo / PSU under dying :)
  2. :hello: Welcome to the forums.

    Is your system overclocked? If so, it probably means that it is unhappy with some BIOS settings, failed to boot the first time, and successfully retried.

    Clear the BIOS and try to boot. If you can, that means that your problem was caused by BIOS settings. If you get the same behaviour, you may have a hardware problem.

    In that case, we will need system specs.
  3. i reset the bios and it boots fine now. Thank you very much!
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