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Hi, I'd like some help on picking the parts for my next computer. I already have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, so there's really no need for that. I must say, I'm not a fan of High Resolution gaming as I am of consitent high FPS with decent res and solid playability... so although I'm looking for a gaming computer, I'm not aiming to anything 1600 or higher. 1440 maybe... Maybe!.

Feel free to choose the processor you think will suit best, but know from now that my computer usage is not as CPU hungry as you may think, just when I compile stuff in FreeBSD, and when I game (But no image, video editing)... other than that, I think a quad-core AMD processor will be just fine (So focus more on the GPU). 6GB RAM would be really great, so DDR3 seems to be the way to go so I can take advantage of Triple channel. And I think 6GB are necessary since I'm practicly always using two systems at once: Windows as host, and FreeBSD or OpenBSD as guests.

Well here's the overall scheme:

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: A month margin, no longer than that.

BUDGET RANGE: 650-700$ (If you pass that range by a few extra bucks, don't mind it, :)


COUNTRY: Venezuela. I actually have an 800$ budget but I'm saving room for shipment.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: No multimedia parts required. Just the case, the components, and maybe if there's enough room; two Optical drives.

PARTS PREFERENCES: AMD, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, whatever. I'm not any sort of fanboy. So as long as the part is rated well and does a goob job, I can go for it. In the mobo business, I would really prefer either Asus, or Gigabyte.

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, but not xtreme, just a littel push.


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  1. Bump!
  2. You didn't mention Res or games!
    Edit the post with ALL info required in the sticky.
  3. resolution of your monitor

    and ddr3 isnt triple channel . Some intel mb's are triple channel and use ddr3 . Intel and amd also make ddr3 mb's that uses dual channel memory depending on the processor
  4. Quote:
    I'm not a fan of High Resolution gaming as I am of consitent high FPS with decent res and solid playability... so although I'm looking for a gaming computer, I'm not aiming to anything 1600 or higher. 1440 maybe... Maybe!.

    Games: QuakeLive, Crysis, COD4,5, Operation Flashpoint 2, Unreal tournament, Farcry, Painkiller... Mainly FPS games, however I don't want a build for an specific game. I want a build capable of running anything on a mid res. As I mentioned, I'm not a high res fan and I don't need 1000X Antialiasing or High detail configurations, I just want to frag.
  5. Capable of running on mid res, but also capable of running on high res if I ever want to.
  6. Just hold on a minute.... OK..
  7. Lots of free shipping with these deals!

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    Total: $666.90 | $656.90 w/mail in rebate

    Copied from http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/271684-31-gaming-build-advice
  8. ian LCD monitor you need to be running at native resolution to get any decent picture quality

    what is the resolution of your monitor ?

    its not a hard question to answer , and without it any suggested builds include a lot of guess work
  9. Hi,
    Here’s a good one…

    CPU: Specs. (2.66 GHz, x16 PCIe2, Dual Channel, & ..) $200 / $??? (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    Intel i5 750

    Main-Board: Specs. (Q/X Design, 16GB Ram, Socket 1156, & ??) $110 / $??? (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    GigaByte GA-P55M-UD2

    GPU: Specs. (1 GB, 256Bit GDDR5, ??, & DX10.1) $145 / $125 (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    XFX HD4870 vanilla Heat-Pipe Cooling design

    Ram: Specs. (1333 MHz, CL9, ??, & ??) $80 / $??? (MIR/promo/combo etc.) (Q 2 = $160)
    G-Skill Ripjaws

    HDD: Specs. (7200 RPM, 500GB Platter, 32MB C, & 500 GB Storage) $50 / $??? (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    SAMSUNG SpinPoint F3

    HSF: Specs. (??, ??, ??, & ??) ?? / $??? (MIR/promo/combo etc.)

    DVD Drive: Specs. (DVD +/-RW, x16 Read, x6~x24 Write (DVD formats only), & ??) $33 / $??? (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    Lite-On Regular Black

    Case: Specs. (ATX , 22" x 8.3" x 20.5", ??, & ??) $55 / $?? (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    Antec 300
    Or (out of budget!) this!

    PSU: Specs. (550W, 1x +12V Rail, 1x [6+2]|1x [6] PCIe, & ??) $100 / $80 (MIR/promo/combo etc.)
    Corsair 550VX

    Total: $848 (approx.) w/o Taxes, MIRs or Shipping fees. $20 available MIRs

    Fitting 8GB Ram and from Amazon was completely impossible within this budget! So i used NewEgg, And still out of budget :fou:
    You can disregard 8GB Ram, Get a faster one and a better GPU and PSU.

    Sorry for inconvenience :whistle: !

    Sig.. Medo
  10. Sorry if I've copied anyone! It took me long to search and i had the post page opened so didn't refresh :)
  11. ASUS P5N-D
    Intel E6XXX
    Crucial DDR2 PC-6400
    Corsair 650TX
    Nvidia 9800GT
    And cases are so personal I won't touch on that.
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