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Hi all,
im not a very computer type person and i was just wondering how the ATI radeon 3200 graphics card would run a game such as Medieval 2: Total war. any answers would be very helpful! I have 4GB of RAM and my processor is AMD Athlon X2 Dual core QL-64 2.1 GHZ.

Thanks in advance
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  1. The HD 3200 is an integrated GPU in the 780G chipset, it is not very strong and you can get an inexpensive card like the HD 4670 that will perform significantly better. However it seems you are refering to a laptop as well in which case you cannot upgrade the GPU so you will just need to drop all of the settings down to low and you should get decent FPS.
  2. thats is what i have, but when i bought that card, it only boots to a black screen
  3. Did you go into bios and set the PCI-E card as the primary display device and disable onboard video?
  4. Wait, now two different people posting in the same thread - confusing.

    iamkain - could you post the rest of the PC specs and what you have recently changed.

    will - The problem with the 3200 is that it (usually) has no dedicated ram. That will severely limit the capabilities of the computer in gaming. You may be able to get playable framerates on it (I could on my 3200 and Rome, which is a similar engine) however you will have to turn down graphics a lot. Do you already have the game and are wondering whether to install, or wondering which computer to buy, or wondering whether to buy the game?
  5. Firstly, thanks a lot for all your replys! its very kind.

    Yeh i don't think that its got a dedicated ram, but as i say im not really very up on computers. I already have the laptop with the specs that i put on my first message, and was wondering whether to buy the game. I know its an old game..and i used to play it on the university's computers back when it first came out in 2006...but obviously a laptop doesnt have the same sort of power. So am i safe to say that it will run the game if the graphics are turned down?
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