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In case you didnt see this already today. According to Jon Worrel over at Fud the gulftown "i9" is branded as the i7 980x that runs at 3.3GHz.
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  1. I would have figured like everyone else that Intel would have went with an i9 branding on it, but I guess not. Hopefully it does end up costing around a grand, as I can then perhaps see the 975's on down dropping in price a bit.
  2. The prices on Intels extreme editions do not drop.

    Whats different this time around with this extreme edition cpu is there is no regular edition of it. It is rather stupid for Intel as well. What are they going to due will the chips fail to meet the bin requirements for this new chip.
  3. Intel's naming scheme is so confusing, isn't the i7-900 series ought to be for quad core bloomfields? theve've even named lynnfields (that are similar to bloomfields for the consumer) as i7-800, and now they are adding to the i7-900 family a completely different processor with 2 more cores and a smaller process.

    Anyhow, I think anybody who buys an 1000$ processor will do enough research and know exactly what he is buying.
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