DOD grade file deletion and encryption software?

Hello there,

i am very concern about my personal data such as banking, social security and personal data. Two years ago my laptop and thumb drive got stolen and lots of personal data gone and my paypal, credit card numbers were used by criminals. Today, i am looking for a software that can delete my data safely and can encrypt my file too...sorry for my bad English...i am not a native speaker.

Is there any suggestion ?

Thank you.
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  1. I believe that the Bitlocker encryption in the high-end editions of Windows 7 is considered pretty secure, as long as you take care with your passwords and recovery keys.
  2. Yeah..but it too slow for a large data sets.
  3. Not sure about the deletion part of it, but you can try true crypt.
  4. Nothing is as easy & simple & secure as Encryption Wizard, Coming from the Air Force Research Lab it can be trusted more that freeware from a lesser-known source.
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