PSU very loud after installing new video card

i got the pny nvidia 9500 gt (

my PSU is 650w and should power the card fine (

my computer specs:
Amd athalon 7750 dual core
6gb gam
rs780 foxcon MOBO
windows 7 x64

i connected the HDD and DVD-R correctly and they work fine.. its just that its ridiculously loud and kind of unstable
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  1. Download and run GPU-Z and check the card fan speed, perhaps it is that and not the PSU that is to blame.
  2. card fan speed = 100
    memory clock = 500mhz
    core clock = 550mhz
    temperature = 43 degrees C

    is this bad or good thing??
  3. That seems a little strange, most fans do not run at 100% all the time. Did you uninstall the previous video drivers and install the latest from the Nvidia site when you fitted the card?
  4. yes

    i scanned my pc and it advised me the drivers to use and i used it
  5. So, when the PC boots, you hear the card fan spin up to full speed and it does not drop down after Windows is fully loaded?
  6. fan is running full speed ALL the time

    right when i boot up
  7. Is the fan noise the one you mentioned in your question, or am I just looking in the wrong area?
  8. i am wondering why its so loud after installing the 9500gt...

    because it usually isnt this loud and there are certain issues that im having that i didnt have before..

    like video issues, i cant even play a basic game like counter strike 1.6.. i dont really want to play.. i just wanted to test it out.. but it crashes and i cant play.. i mainly make music and i want a stable system.. its becoming kind of unstable when loading up plugins and what not..
  9. Sounds like possible driver gremlins.
    Try this:
    Download the latest drivers from the Nvidia site, do not install yet.
    Download and install Driver Sweeper.
    Uninstall all existing video drivers and reboot into Safe Mode. While rebooting, enter the BIOS setup and make sure the onboard video is deactivated (if there is any on your MB!).
    In Safe Mode, run Driver Sweeper to remove all traces of the previous drivers. CAUTION! Examine every entry it is going to delete, and make sure it is not going to remove any system files.
    Reboot and install the downloaded drivers.
    Any help?
  10. ill try that when i get home from work

    if it does not work, i'm going to give my friend this card.

    thanks for your help man.
  11. the fan on the video card is most likely a generic non reference design - noisy and without pwm or any control over the speed etc - make sure the noise is actually from the PSU and not the videocard

    some high end cards may put extra load onto the PSU and generate more heat translating into more noise from the cooling but from a card powered by just the PCIe slot and no extra power so i doubt it is that

    you may also have a faulty psu fan (or any other fan) that only started making noises since you worked on your pc because you moved it etc - another common thing

    see how you go
  12. it isn't the power supply.. i just bought it from newegg.

    its ok though. i went back to my radeon hd3200 and sold my card to my friend and its working fine for him.

    thanks for the help.
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