New build reboots after 2-3 minutes while idling in BIOS

I've treid to follow the steps listed on the sticky. thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

STEP 2 – Brief statement of problem
I just built a new computer. I get to the BIOS. Then after 2-3 minutes of sitting in BIOS the computer restarts. It will continue to restart until I turn the power off on the PSU.

STEP 3 – History
I just built my first computer. When I started the computer the first time I got to BIOS. I input the correct date and time. Then I put the windows vista disk in drive, got to the first install screen. Picked English, US keyboard, told windows to install to my HD. It got to 10% of “expanding files” when the computer cut off, I assumed this was part of the install. The computer rebooted, then I got a bootmgr missing error. So I went back to the BIOS and just sat there looking at temps. After a minute or two the sytem will reboot again.

STEP 4 – Full story
I’m trying to build my first computer. My father and I built the computer using the instructions that came with the parts and using internet tutorials. I feel that we’ve set everything up correctly because I get to the bios and the BIOS recognizes the 4 gigs of ram and CPU. The temps for the CPU hover at 49 – 50C (which seems high to me) I feel like it might have something to do with heat though because if I leave the system off for 20 – 30 min I can sit in BIOS for 3-5 minutes before the system restarts itself. If I turn off for 5 minutes and then try turning it on again it will immediately reboot initially then allow me back to BIOS for 45 seconds to a minute before it reboots again. When I start the system I get a *beep* followed by *beep, beep* then I hit DEL to get into the BIOS.

STEP 5 – Specs
CPU – Core i5 750
Cooler – Stock cooler (I bought the wrong size Zalman)
RAM – Corsair DDR3 Dominator RAM - 4 gigs on 2 DIMMS
PSU – 650W Corsair
GPU – EVGA Nvidia GTX275
HDD – WD Caviar Blue 640 GIG AND WD velociraptor 150 gig
Case – Coolmaster CM 690 with both side panels off

STEP 6 – what I’ve done to fix problem
1. I reseated the heat sink on the CPU
2. I’ve made sure all the fans are running, they are.
3. I’ve made sure all the connections are secure from the PSU
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  1. You said you were looking at the temps, what were they immediately before it auto shut off? 50C is really high for idling, what was the case temperature at?
  2. I was looking at the temps from within BIOS.
    The CPU TEMP never got above 50 (unless 51 causes the reboot and I didnt get to see it)
    The other two TEMPS were around 37C
  3. hypnos99 said:
    When I start the system I get a *beep* followed by *beep, beep* then I hit DEL to get into the BIOS.

    MOBO – EVGA P55

    Which mobo specifically? I'd look in your manual for the post error codes and find out what the beeps mean.
  4. the only thing i could think of would be ram defect but you said that it recognised it
    well put the side panels on your case because having them off destroys your airflow and 2 try stealing ram from another computer if its compadable
  5. It's the EVGA P55 SLI. I've read the manual front and back. Even been to the website and looked at the online manual ( It doesn't tell me what the beeps mean. Only what the diagnostics LED mean. At the time the computer reboots the LED says "87" which is "Execute BIOS setup if needed or requested"

    I've pulled the Heatsink off, removed the paste that was with the stock cooler using a coffee filter, and applied some Arctic Silver 5. I still get the same high temps. The CPU starts at 40C within 4-5 minutes it's a 50C.

    Is it possible that my PSU with the 650 W cannot handle the parts I have? I did a Wattage guide on newegg and think that 650 should be enough. Could the PSU overheat and cause the system to shut off?

    Do motherboards have a safety mechanism that would cause the computer to shut down if the CPU gets to a certain temperature threshold like, say 50C?
  6. I've pulled the RAM and tried it with each one, 1 at a time. Still happens. The max TEMP I'm getting from CPU now is 47C (maybe from the arctic Silver settling in?)

    Could the PSU over heat and shut itself down?
  7. It's premature to start guessing from the information provided so far but! here's trying. Since it sounds like a new install limit yourself to one hard drive, the new empty one. There are many settings in bios you can't overlook, did you set them all, if not start with selecting optimized defaults/reboot go back into bios and set cpu shut down speed at proper temp for your chip. If the install did require a reboot as stated in step 3 it sounds like a sata dvd drive issue which is common. IF not ignore this entire attempt at helping. Set the controller for IDE mode for the dvd drive. This will allow it to be visible on the reboot, right now it sounds like it's on sata/achi mode or raid and during an install reboot vista see's the hard drive then looks to the dvd and can't see it to finish install. Drivers have to be installed to use achi mode and vista revision 1 doesn't always do this well.
  8. Thanks Roonj for the advice. I've tried unplugging one of the Hard drives and the DVD drive to see how long I could last before the random reboot. With only one Hard drive plugged in I could sit in BIOS for 8 minutes without a reboot happening.
    I then unplugged the second Hard drive, leaving just the CPU, mother board, and graphics card with power. It lasted for 12 minutes before a reboot.

    But it is still rebooting. The CPU temp never went above 46, I'd changed the max temp from 50 to 60.
    This is getting a little frustrating..while I am getting slightly better results, I'm still not any closer to figuring out what part is wrong.

    Also, I did choose optimal settings in the bios then changed ONLY the shut off temp from 50 to 60.
  9. Turns out it was a faulty PSU. Thanks for all the advice.
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