Upgrade my grafix card..

i've been posting this thread quite a few times but i am not able to make up my mind..

i do animation..much animation and rendering..
my system config is core i7 920, 6 gb ddr3 Ram, 640 HDD, ati radeon 3450 HD.. its dell studio xps..

i use softwares like 3ds max 2009, maya 2009, after effects cs3..

i wud like to upgrade my grafix card..

wat should i go for? rendering cards like quadro (entry level) or the ones like 8series and 9series? my maximum budget is 250$...

i heard that rendering depends on CPU and not on it true??

if i'm changing GPU, should i upgrade my power suppy unit SMPS??
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  1. i finally narrowed my choices to nvidia gtx 260 and ati hd 4870.. which is a better one?
  2. if you can't afford more money just get which one you can afford between the two. as for performance GTX260 and HD4870 are pretty much on par
  3. Nvidia GTX 260 would be better for animation. Especially with applications using Cuda and Physx
  4. I'd have to agre with the above poster. I love my AMD however for what you are doing, CUDA and such .. it makes Geforce a better choice in your case.
  5. Can you explain wats Cuda and Physx?? How can i make my application to make use of these?
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    Cuda = gpgpu: General purpose computing on graphics processing unit(s). All this means is that stuff you normally do on a cpu like video rendering will be transfered to the faster gpu for processing. (although you need special programs to use this feature)

    PhysX= This is nvidia way of speeding up physics in games and science programs. This make the programs act much closer to reality than before.

    Example for games: instead of shooting at a window and doesn't break, well in with this (if the game programed for it) the window will break.
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