Power supply causing all graphics to stutter.


Last week my power supply fan started to make noise. Seeing how the power supply is now well over 4 years old i figured I would get a new one and not just wire in a new fan. The first power supply was a Raidmax 630 something or other. After installing it I noticed that the Graphics stutter/freeze for about a millisecond or 2 every second. When watching a movie or playing a game was when I first noticed it but then started to see it in everything from, while moving a window around then screens or even just the mouse pointer. At first I didn't think this could be the power supply. I removed everything and cleaned all the dust off with a can of air, cleaned all contacts with contact cleaner. Retried and system was still doing it. Wiped drive and reinstalled windows. Tried both windows XP and windows 7 both did same thing. After trying everything I could think of I plugged old power supply a 600 watt Ultra X Finity and they stutter was gone. Returned Raidmax power supply and got a Antec 650 Earthwatts with 3 Rails. Installed new power supply and found stuttering screen has come back.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

Current system Specs

Window 7 64 Bit
Gigabite MB GA-P35-S3G
Intel Core2Quad Q9450
Two 2GB Corsair 6400 (4GB total)
XFX 8800 GT (new Power supply had two 6 pin connectors. Tried both)
Raptor 300GB sata 10,000rpm drive (system drive)
Two WD 1TB sata storage drives. (disconnected and problem still there)
LG BD Sata optical Drive
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  1. Why don't you just use the ps that doesn't stutter? Return the other ones or sell them on craigslist. As long as your system is stable, the old ps should be fine. The ultra is more than adequate for your system.
  2. The old one uses two 80mm fans one is shot and doesn't come on at times and other makes a loud noise. the new power supplies with the 120mm fans run so much quieter. I have tried to wire in new fans on power supplies before but they always seem to work for a few months after doing so then burn out. Seeing as this might be my only choice for now are the 80mm case fans the same ones power wise that are inside the PSU?
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