Where to sell a custom PC?? Please help

Okay i know this is alittle on the strange side.... but I want to sell my PC and dnt know where would be the best place. I've tryed a few obvious places like Ebay, and Pre-Loved, but all i got was people wasting my time.

I think part of the problem im having is that people looking to buy a PC on places like Ebay might not be very savvy as far as PC tech is concerned, E.g....Overclocking....mods.....and hardware in general.

So my questions to you is, where would you sell your PC, and also do you have any hints or tips for selling a PC.

I really would appreciated any help...

Below is the PC specs:

ASUS P5Q-E P45 Chipset Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00ghz 1333mhz 6mb cache. Overclocked to 4.05ghz (1.208Vcore) Stable.
4gig of OCZ PC2-8000 (1000mhz) Platinum Edition running at 890mhz
XpertVision Radeon HD4870 Sonic dual edition 512mb 790/1100
CoolerMaster Real Power M700 Modular PSU
CoolerMaster HAF 932 Full Tower Case
Thermalright Ultra Xtreme 120 CPU cooler, with AC5 Thermal Paste.
Maxtor DiamondMAX 160GB SATA 2 HDD
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit Edition.

I've tryed to sell this for £400, is that too much? What do you guys think.?
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  1. Family/friends then i would try the local paper stuff in your town so people could come and see it and try it out ect. I myself would not buy something like this over the net or mail without swaping the PC for the money in person.

    Nice build tho, I think the price is set ok if its 530 US dollars. its about a 20% savings for them, but they take the risk if the parts go bad.
  2. I agree with family/friends but you could try posting stuff at some uni's since I know a lot of my uni friends all game but keep in mind this can be a little troublesome.
    Also the 160GB HDD seems abit small but can't really complain(People I know carry 2x 1TB ext around and a power board -_-)
    Since most people around these parts will either know how to clock or have good connections it'l be alittle hard to sell but I'm sure there are buyers who will pay good money for this system.
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