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Two quick questions

Last response: in Overclocking
December 28, 2011 6:45:44 PM

Hi guys (and girls)

I'm very new to to this "build you own PC and overclock it to the max" world, so I don't know very much :) 

Anyway, I have a few questions for you geniuses:

Messy post, just skim-read if you want.

I built me a 2500K build over the summer, and discovered that in the BIOS I could just change my multiplier to 40 and get a 4.0GHZ overclock. "Great", I thought, and saved and exited. I later discovered that I should really have run a stress test, so I ran OCCTP or something like that a few times for about 2-5 minutes each time. My temperatures creeped up during that period, until they reached something like 87C, and the stress test gave a warning :o  Should I run it for longer and see if it goes higher, or is that already the max temperature before it burns out the CPU? Idle temps are around 32-35C. Any advice would be great - I bought a 2500*K* for OC, so I would like to overclock. I'm using the stock heatsink (no, I'm not going to buy an aftermarket cooler) with a CM Enforcer case (front 200mm intake, rear 120mm exhaust, and scope for a 200mm on the top).

Secondly, a weird question - I installed SpeedFan after hearing all the rave about it, and promptly confused myself with its insane amount of settings.. I managed to control my GPU fan, and changed it to.. well 120%? My rocket of an EAH6850 then almost exploded with noise, and I quickly reduced to 50% in fear. I can't remember if it was faster than 100%, but I don't want to try again - can anyone tell me if it's possible that I could have gone beyond "100%"?


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December 28, 2011 6:47:55 PM

Turns out I'm not "allowed" to edit, so here's my edit:

EDIT - Also, voltages confuse me greatly - I was getting graphs and readings of them, but so far I've just totally ignored them in the BIOS and any tools I use, so they're all set at what they defaulted at. Is this okay for my overclock? A quick explanation of them would be great too.
December 28, 2011 7:18:50 PM

Ninety degrees Celsius is what Intel claims to be the highest safe operating temperature. So eighty seven Celsius is definitely "pushing it" and could cause damage.

In order to achieve a modest and stable OC you will likely need to purchase and install an after-market HSF at some point. Though I do realize that it can be a pain to install and that they can be a nit pricey, its leagues above the stock HSF.

I'm sure that over-volting the fan is a possibility, though I have never done so myself.

The following link should help you to understand what it takes to achieve a stable OC using the 1155 platform.