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i have an e-machines 2082... and the motherboard is an ecs l7vmm2... and i have the amd athlon xp 2000 ... and it's sitting at 1.67ghz, what i want to know... is if i can stick a and athlon 3000 in it... or any amd athlons woth the *000 ... without frying the motherboard or cpu. any help on the matter is appreciated.
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  1. Short answer... NO.

    Fastest CPU you can use... 2800+ model # AXDA2800DKV4C .

    Here's why....
    Your mother board has a bus speed of 100 or 133 Mhz. The CPU your using is a 133 MHz model. A good thing, because the memory installed should also be 133 MHz memory. If you where using a 100 MHz FSB CPU... an Athlon XP 1600+ or slower part, you would only have 100 MHz memory and need to upgrade the memory as well.

    Since your system is currently running 133MHz parts, you can upgrade to an Athlon XP 2800+, model # AXDA2800DKV4C .

    Here's how to read the Athlon model numbers.....

    AXDA = Athlon XP thoroughbred/barton core
    2800 = CPU speed (Intel equivalent, not actual core speed)
    D = Package type
    K = Operating voltage. Could also be L,U or M
    V = Die Temp. Could also be T
    4 = L2 cache size: 3=256K, 4=512K
    C = FSB speed. B=200MHZ C=266 D=333 E=400

    CPU bus is double data rate so, 133MHz bus = 266MHz FSB.

    If you can find a 2800+ model cheap, say on e-bay, it would be a worth while upgrade. I'm actually running both 2400+ and 3000+ systems. My 2400+ system could go 2800+ but isn't worth the little boost in speed. My 3000+ system is as fast as it'll go, as I can't use the fastest 400MHz part, the 3200+.
  2. BTW, the 2800+ runs at 2.133GHz .

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. If you do get one, it's a real easy upgrade.

    Unclip the CPU HS. Pull CPU release lever. Remove CPU. Install new CPU, be sure to orient CPU correctly. Lock lever down. Apply new thermal compound. Reinstall heat sink. Boot up.
  3. next question is... would you notice the difference is i did that?
  4. I think it'll give you a little bit of a boost that you'll notice. But what are you hoping to get out of this??? Are you just trying to speed it up for the current apps you use??? Are you trying to get a better internet experience??? Today's media intensive sites need some speed to get the best results.

    If it were me and it's the only machine I have, I would try it. But I would also try to get it as cheap as I could.

    Also, if you build is stock from the factory, you'll prob want to upgrade the installed memory of 256MB (very paltry) to it's max of 2GB. This would do wonders.

    Also your system is using integrated graphics. I would get the fastest, yet cheapest, AGP card I could get. This would also help.

    If you did these things you could keep it alive for a bit longer. But again, get the parts used and as cheap as possible.
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