Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Crash Problems

Gigabyte EX58-Extreme
3x2gb Corsair DDR3 TR3X6G1600C9
OCZ 850W

Custom New Build will not finishing installing any operating system as i have tried XP Vista and Win7. on windows 7 when finishing the install after the reboot it crashes on updating registry every time in the same place. So installed windows on another computer but my computer still crashes when trying to load up windows. it also crashes when trying to format hard drives using paragon?

The HDDs are connected into Sata 2_0 and 2_1 and DVD drive is in 2_2.
Motherboard Bios is on F10 Version

Temps are fine and are @ 32C using Prolimatech megahalems 6 heatpipe cooler.

Cleared CMOS values and tried loading fail safe defaults and optimized defaults but still no success.

i have also run Memtest86 and it came out that all of my ram is fine.
Also checked out the hard drives using a program from the ultimate boot cd and they came out fine too.
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  1. Hmm.. My first guess with a failed install is always RAM problems - you mentioned MemTest - did you rund MemTest86+ from here:
    or the 'regular Memtest?
    The 'regular' one is unreliable...
    Next, do you have somthing that will show temps for you? Or can't you get booted at all? What BIOS rev are you running?
  2. Will retest ram using your link. can boot into bios menus and check temps
    Bios rev is F10
  3. Assuming you're stable enough in the BIOS to trust it, my first recommendation is to flash F12, here:
    Do you know how? (oh - and don't use @BIOS - oh - but you can't anyway - no OS [:bilbat:3] duh!)
  4. Downloaded the ram test from your link and the result came out 100% no errors so i updated to the latest bios (F12) but when i go to boot it still has the same fault.
  5. Umm - just as a check, did you do the "Load Optimized Defaults" after flashing the new BIOS? It's kind of a 'mandatory' step...
  6. Hi, Yes Loaded optimized defaults saved and rebooted
  7. Well, I'm as puzzled now as you ;)

    You've pretty well confirmed everything I'd normally have anyone check in these circumstances - normally (like 80-90%) the windoze installer simply makes one hell of a 'stress test', all on it's own, and the problems always turn out to be memory instablility of one sort or another - but I think, maybe, once in my life, I've seen a problem that turned out to be memory, that MemTest96+ couldn't 'catch'... It's usually 100% reliable! You've tested the drives, and it can't be the installer disk, as you've tried a couple - do you think there's somehow, any remote possibilty that the DVD drive itself is having trouble? Do you maybe have another around, or have access to one you could swap in? Maybe my subconscious will 'jab' me with something here, in time, but - right now, I'm kind of at a loss ( :lol: and that doesn't happen often :lol: )
  8. Thanks for your input, i have removed hard drive and installed windows on another computer and refitted and still fails on reboot, due to windows not booting correctly get the black windows screen with options to start when this screen disappears it fades from top to bottom instead of instantly disappearing giving impression of system being sluggish is that back to memory again?
  9. Sure sounds like something is 'dinked up' (I think that's the technical term :pt1cable: ) in the harware, somewhere - just nothing's coming to me for a diagnostic, yet...
  10. Looks like your initial thoughts were right with memory had to manually set ram parameters in the bios as auto settings are naff runs a treat now.
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