My second hard drive is not recognised

Hi! Recently i had problems with my external hard drive because my sata/usb bridge was faulty and it only worked 1 time out of 30 tries.I was told i could install it in my computer as a normal internal hard drive, so i did! everything is plugged well (sata and power cable) the HDD spins but is not recognised in my BIOS. It's not in my disk management neither. Is there something i must do other than plug it in and power on computer?

I was not able to find it in my HDD list but in the boot priority i found: Removable device (wich has never been there before)

Ps:Sorry for my bad english.
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  1. Update: i now have a new drive in my computer. called: Disc Drive (e: ) and when i click it it says: E: / Application not found.

    Could it be that my pc think it's a disc drive? This drive does not appear in Disk Management but is there in My Computer.

    Forgot to say! i am running Windows 7 ultimate 64Bit
  2. Bump! Sorry for that but most of the files i have in this drive are realy important and i need them.
  3. Last bump!
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