Gtx 560 core clock speeds

I recently purchased a gtx 560 non ti graphics card and tried overclocking it.
Being new to gpu overclocking I rasied the core clock from 810 to 900 and ran some test with it. This all went well.However the card reached extremly high temps 85 celcius while playing BF3 (without the overclock it ran at 70 celcius)
If someone uses this card ( or simmilar) what clock speeds do you use? Any help would be appriciated.

the card :

Is the card always this hot or should i consider buy a new case for increased airflow?

again plese are help is appriciated.
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  1. The max temperature for the GPU is 99 Celsius. So you can overclock to anything stable so long as you stay just under that temperature. Anything you do to increase airflow will obviously keep the card cooler and translate into more overclocking head room.
  2. My card is now at 1000 clock speed :)... its not causing much probs now... please check my thread :
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