Which bay to put hard drive in for best cooling/circulation?

I'm working on my new build and have an air flow / cooling question. The hard drive bays at the front of the PC are behind an optional fan. I'm putting in a 120mm fan for intake. There are 6 internal 3.5" bays behind the fan. I'm putting in one WD Black 640GB drive. Is there an optimal bay to put the drive in for best air flow and cooling? What if I add a second HDD? If I do it will likely be 6-12 months.
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  1. Depending on the fan position it might be like this:

    ````^ HDD```````````````````^ Fan
    Sorry for the bad post way :lol:

  2. It depends a bit on your case configuration. I try to place my HD where it will have the least impact on the intake airflow. Usually that's the highest HD bay.
  3. The front intake fan is supposed to cool the HDD a bit while "taking the cool air" into the case. That's why i suggested the above.
  4. Medo, I like the picture. But I can't tell exactly what you're recommending. Are you suggesting put it in the lowest bay? Or somewhere between the bottom and the middle?
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    It took me 7 edits!
    Somewhere between the bottom and the middle of the fan. Not by counting the bays.
    So just leave the bigger share of the "untouched" air at the top.
    Sorry for English..
  6. The pic looks great. That was what I thought you meant. Just wanted to be sure.

    Thanks to both of you for the response. I'll test a couple setups.
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