This error is driving me nuts, last one during unpacking large file on IDE drive, often happens during heavy HDD use such as large file transfers and usb drives, but this one is internal.
I even had an event viewer saying IDE drive disconnected unexpectedly. I am running 1 SATA and 1 IDE in IDE mode. I have the last minidump, but all that Windows Debugger points to is the ntoskernel, IRQ 2 and unmapped IPs. Can anyone read it better and give me the specifics of what the dump says ? How and where do I upload the minidump ?


Ratnest: MGE Case, ECS PT800CE-A1.1, Intel Prescott 3.0ghz, 2GB Mushkin DDR400 RAM, HIS ATI Radeon HD 3850 AGP, CLSB Audigy SE, Trendnet RTL8169 GB NIC, D-Link DWA-552 XtremeN Wireless NIC, Seagate 80gb SATA, Seagate 400GB IDE, LG 16x DVD-RW IDE, Antec 650W PSU, 3.5" floppy and card reader combo drive, 3 case fans, 2 hd fans, 1 cpu fan, 1 chipset fan, 1 psu fan, 1 video fan. Bios is 1.1E, memory passed memtest and wintest, HDDs pass seagate utility drive checks, video & audio accelerated in dxsetup. USB IRQs off and unused ports off in BIOS, all other onboard unecessary devices disabled. WinXP SP3 with MS updates, AMD AGP Hotfix 12.1 drivers and SB latest, VIA chipset 5.24 drivers.

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  1. Bug Check 0xA: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    Usually either a driver problem or a RAM problem. Test the RAM with memtest86/Prime95 to rule that out as a cause.

    The reason ntoskernel crashed is because the error was not caught until some other part of the Windows Kernel ran into the problem, and proceeded to crash. It is not the original cause of the problem, just the module that ended up crashing.
  2. It's not the RAM it's not the RAM it's not the RAM, sorry to vent but I see this response as outrageous as "Problem with windows, reformat and reinstall" that's not problem solving. I ran memtest86 and wintest nn whatever the name, when I switched ram from 1.65v modules (which mb could not handle despite voltage controls) to 1.5v modules which do not glitch. Memory errors crash applications and throw all kinds of BSODS, mine are quite specific, 0xA, 0xFE and 0x8E, which are driver related, usb related and other unkown. Drivers I am stumped, I tried all the VIA hyperion, but with now AMD advancing video drivers, I am forced to go with the AGP Hotfix, since HIS mfg. no longer updates drivers. I tend to think it's the VIA drivers & lately I discovered a dead PCI slot and locking up of secondary SATA port and IDE. Do you know any stable VIA driver set ?
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    ^^ Typically, GPU driver failures won't crash within the NT kernel, they usually crash within themselves. On Vista/7, they almost always throw 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE or 0x117: VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT, as the driver attempts to reset.

    And BTW, since IRQ problems are very unlikely in the NT Kernal, IRQL BSODs are 99% due to memory corruption, especially if the windows Kernel itself crashes. And most drivers are stable to the point where you shouldn't be expecting them to cause memory corruption [as MS wouldn't certify them].
  4. Like I said before, these BSODs happen mainly on high HDD workload or multi-tasking HDD and during 3D gaming, nowhere else, I did have a weird BSOD yesterday while viewing a video on youtube, no dump, no standard screen just "contact your system manufacturer".
    Maybe I was lucky not to get bad memory, previous memory was incompatible because of voltage, single slot both passed, this memory both slots full passed 8 times on both tests. Maybe I need a different kind of testing, like stress tests ?
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