Gaming rig $900-1000

BUDGET RANGE: $900-1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming and common college works

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Allready got LCD monitor 1680 x 1050 and HAF 932. Dont have graphics card and i dont include it because im waiting for price drops on 5870 or if nvidia cards come out...budget is for everything except those 3 mentioned.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:, why? I dont live in the USA and my best choice would be compusa aka tigerdirect. Im buying from a local store.

PARTS PREFERENCES: No preference, can accept intel builds

OVERCLOCKING: Yes, but nothing extreme

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: No, at such resolution i should be able to max the games with the 5870 and upcoming graphics card


Any suggestion would be good
Is it worth to get the 965 for +$50?
Maybe a cheaper motherboard
DDR3 in dual channel for AMD
Maybe an air heatsink for processor would be more than enough





Hard drive

Power supply


Thermal paste

CD/DVD Drive

And death adder gaming mouse, not listed in the site but they have it at local store.

thanks in advance!
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    Good start, but a few suggestions

    If you are going to OC, then stick with the 955. It will OC near the same as the 965 until you get to the very high end of the potential, and you're not looking extreme.

    If you want better OC, you can get an aftermarket HSF. But if you're only planning on a small OC, like 3.5ghz, then the stock fan should be fine. If you want to get 3.8, which should be reasonably doable, get a nice HSF.

    If you don't get a nice HSF, then there's no need for the OCZ freeze. The Stock fan will have goo on it.

    For the Mobo, I'd get a 790GX board instead of the FX. Since you only plan to run 1 GPU, there's no point in paying extra for a board that has better CF performance. That and since you aren't buying a GPU right now, the GX will have an onboard IGP so you can still use the computer for stuff other than gaming. Might even be able to play some older ones though at lower res though.

    For the HDD, the 500gb cav black is an older model. It has 2x 250 gb platters in it. Performance has a lot to do with more dense platters. For the price, the Samsung Spinpoint F3 can't be touched. It has a single 500gb platter and out performs the Cav black 640gb which has 2x 320gb platters. If the samsung isn't available, then the seagate 7200.12 should be a 500gb single platter also. And cheaper than the WD.

    I can't say enough bad things about kingwin PSU. It has impressive specs and looks nice, but will be good for nothing more than behind the wheel of a car to keep it from rolling down a hill. Its encouraging that they have a 3 year warranty on it now, but for the price, get a corsair, seasonic, silverstone, Antec (other than the BP line) or PC Power and Cooling. With a single GPU, you won't need more than 600w anyway. So a Corsair 650w will be cheaper and much better quality. If you want to pay the extra for modular, the 620HX is good too.

    The only other part to consider for price is the OS.

    Just noticed you're not buying till xmas. Prices will change a lot so this is best posted the week or just a few days before you buy. But having a good idea of what you want is important so you can take advantage of some killer deals during the early christmas shopping season.
  2. Thanks man! sorry for not telling you, but i was searching all the components.

    I dont live in the USA, and newegg doesnt send to po box so i found a service that gives me a direction, i pay them $40 and they recieve all i want. Newegg is even a lil cheaper than compusa, plus i wont have to pay for tax, im ordering to mcallen texas.

    Gonna update with the new list.
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