What ram for i7 930/asus p6t mb

building new pc amd wondering whats the best ram i can get not exceeding $260 AUS from
http://www.pccasegear.com/ help would be appreciated as i am unsure what to get was looking at getting

Corsair CMX6GX3M3C1600C7 6GB (3x XMS3 2GB) PC-12800 (1600MHz) XMSP DDR3 For X58 MB/i7 Core, 3x240-pin DIMMs, Triple Kit, 7-8-7-20 1T, 1.65V $260 AUS

Just wondering if there is better ram for cheaper or similar price compare to the product above
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  1. Hi.

    THIS is a very good RAM, at a less price and similar performance.
  2. mike52bk said:

    Yeah you are right, but you don't see the country right? He is from Australia not USA or Canada.
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