When I boot my computer, it just says frequency out of range.

Now, here's the backstory.

I just changed out the PSU on this computer. It should have plenty of power to run everything, and everything was working just fine before I changed the PSU. No other hardware changes at all.

So, now, I go put the computer back in, plug it in, and it starts to boot up, everything looks good. The 7 startup screen comes up, and then bam "out of frequency range."

Now, mind you, I have two monitors. A 22 inch LCD, and a 15 inch LCD. The 22 inch refuses to work AT all, and the 15 turns on, displays the boot screen, then the windows startup screen, then a floating out of range message.

So, I tried rebooting in safe mode, same thing. I uninstalled my video card, and plugged the VGA LCD monitor right into the onboard, same damn thing.

Any ideas?
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  1. Hi blackcentaur and welcome to Tom's Hardware.

    Did u mess with the refresh rate? Check that and read some here if it apply to u too.

    The message is from the monitor itself, not from the computer.

    It is advising you that the monitor refresh rate or scan rate exceeds that which the monitor can handle.

    An interesting issue, since it happens while in the game, but it strongly suggests that either the CPU or the Video card is overheating and causing a reset which is defaulting to the non accepted video output.

    As games are both CPU and Video intensive it could be either that is causing the problem.

  2. As Nikorr said

    It is either your refresh rate or resolution is set to high for your monitor.

    you can press F8 at bios and select "Enable VGA Mode" from the list
    this will limit your resolution and refresh rate to very low settings.

    the good thing about VGA mode rather than safe mode is all other windows services are running so install / removing programs & drivers is easy.
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