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Hello, im using an asus n61j laptop and all of the sudden my hard drive is write protected, i still have admin rights, and and everything is checked for allow under security, i can delete items and move them to differnt locations on the hard drive, but not to another usb or flash drive
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  1. It doesn't look as your drive is "write protected". If it was write protected you wouldn't be able to perform any write involving operation like deleting or moving. Or creating new files on the HDD. It looks more like your USB device is write protected.
    What OS btw.?
  2. Im using win 7 64, when i right click on something and goto properties the read only on everything is check, i uncheck it close properties, and it auto re-checks itself. When I try and move it to move anything to a flashdraive (where I got the file from) it says the file is write protected. Any flash drive or usep hard drive i hook up to it becomes read only, but if i put the flash or usb drive on my desk top the work fine,
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