Best 13" Macbook Pro 2011 SSD?

I will be going to college soon and my plan is to outfit my 13" Macbook Pro 2.3Ghz 2011 model with an SSD. Although I would love the speed of a sandforce drive, the reliability is terrible and I will not have time in college to deal with problems. I want an SSD that I can install and forget about, savoring the speed for years to come. From the hundreds of threads I read on Macrumors, it seems my options are limited to three drives - the Samsung 470, the Crucial m4, and the Kingston V+100. They seem to work best and have very good performance/reliability ratios. They are also affordable.

I am in the market for a 128GB SSD, but if I come across a deal great for 256GB, I plan to snag it. Which SSD plays best with Mac OSX, particularly my MBP model? Keep in mind, however, that Lion does not support Trim without a hack. Any info on this hack is appreciated; any negative effects due to it?

So far I have found the following deals, and I was wondering if they are worth it or should I keep waiting for a better one.

Samsung 470, 128GB (aluminum, standard warranty) - $210
Samsung 470, 256GB (OEM version, plastic, no warranty) - $350
Crucial m4, 128GB - $215

Any recommendations for the right SSD for me are welcome. Thoughts on the 3 I wrote about, the 470, m4, and the V+100 are also encouraged. Lastly, is one of the three deals above worth snatching, or should I wait for a better one?

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    You should compare those two. I would go for the Samsung because it has a higher mean time before failure, and also the performance mentioned from Crucial m4 is from SATA 6gb/s. Both have three year warranty. I would go for Samsung, seems more reliable.

    Here's a benchmark between the 256gb versions:
    The Crucial seems to have more performance in random write/read.
  2. Yep, but the 13" MBP is SATA III so I am not worried about the m4.

    I found cheaper deals from eBay on the two drives, so I can get them a tiny bit cheaper than newegg, but I think I'll keep waiting for the prices to drop even lower.
  3. Not sure SSD drives are that much more reliable. Just read a article where failure rates were similar to Hard drives.
    For me a quality and fast hard drive is probably better then going with a cheap SSD.
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