No video signal from pc to monitor

Hello all!
I have a desktop with (2X) ATI 2600 in crossfire. It's been working fine.. then a storm was coming so I unplugged the whole thing just in case.
Since, the computer turns on, I hear the beep from the MB, but there is no input signal from the video cards so it turns off. All else seems to be working, (hear the fans, lights come on for wireless mouse/keyboard, lights on for speakers, etc.), but the monitor receives no signal so it goes into "power saving mode".

I've unplugged the monitor attempting to reset the signal, but that didn't do anything. I have no other computer here to be able to check the computer, but I have this laptop to ask yall! Plus the monitor works cause it can double as a TV.

What can I do or how can I fix this?
Thank you,
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  1. Have you tried taking one card out, and testing to make sure both cards are functional?
  2. Will it matter which one I take out? (sorry, new enough at this stuff that I don't trust myself to not screw up something! :)
  3. It doesn't matter which one, but try both. Just make sure both cards are functioning.
  4. It worked!
    I used one and it got the video signal - I was able to go to a restore point. I then shut it off and re-installed both cards with crossfire - it works!
    Heres hoping to it continues to work!

    Thanks for all the help...
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