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  1. I would change video cards. I recommend the powercolor 5770. I use powercolor, and have had no problems with it. For the power supply, get corsair, seasonic, or pc power and cooling with a single large 12v rail. 850 watts is plenty. For the case, unless you have 4 hardrives, go for the smaller antec 600 case. I also recommend the swiftech h20 220 water cooling kit or the Rosewill fort120 120mm cooler if you don't want to mess with a water cooling kit. I don't change the video card heatsink to keep the warranty intact. You can skip the fan controller. The 600 has fewer case fans to adjust and may come with their own rpm adjusters built in, and the cpu fan speed is adjustable in the bios in the hardware monitor section.
  2. Newegg's holiday sale starts today. Lots of stuff listed. Sign up to receive email promos.
  3. I wanted to say that I also plan on overclocking and will run windows 7 professional
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227365
    Ram memory. Better timming and cheaper.


    Power supply. Cheaper and better. I know is not modular but I suggest not to buy that power supply.

    Cooler. I prefer a high end air cooling instead of low end water cooling.

    Fan controller.
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